Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow and play // 2015

You know what you do for your birthday when you are snowed in? Spend a few hours outside with the kiddos and neighbors and play in the snow!!

Chaz was super stoked to play in the snow!! Lily is our new friend from down the street. They enjoy hanging out together and are so stinking cute!! This is them in their make shift igloo.
We pulled out the sleds and headed on down the street!
Dane looks HUGE in this jacket, hilarious. Simply hilarious!!
I love that they are big enough to play together without complete meltdowns... well, sometimes.
But he was having a blast! Just look at that face!!!
And they even switched roles!
Super cuteness!
And, like Chaz always does, he wanted me to try and get some cool pictures of him. He had a vision.
and this was the result. He didn't tell me what he was going to do, he just went for it!
But I did get this awesome cuteness!!
Yes, the pups joined us!
Isn't he just a doll??
The pups loved chasing the kiddos down the hill. It was quite hilarious!
I really wasn't sure if he would fit down the slide.
and then he opted for the little slide. HAHAHA!
Lily and Chaz were having a blast! They have a great hill for sledding!!
Even when it is snowing... if you are outside in this neighborhood, someone is going to join you. That is part of the reason I love it!!
I love that he wants the little phone outside. Love it!!
Piggybacks!! I love the joy!
I love this face. He melts me.
The orange pants and combat boots amaze me.
More piggy backing. I love when they get along this well!

We had to go inside for a pit-stop and decided to change jackets too. This one fits a little better!
Jack had little skis and decided to try them out. How cute is he?!?
The phone. All about the phone!
Meg decided to try and help out a little.
Go Jack, go!!
And then this happened. BWAHAHAHAHA! I was rolling!!
Turner and his go cart. I am floored this thing works in the snow!
There is that crooked smile/grin thing he has going on. I heart him!!
Hey Dave, nice sign! HAHA! The irony of the snow surrounding a pool sign.
Jack wanted to do some snow angels. Dane wasn't having it!
Yep if people are out, people will come. Hi, AJ!
Jack, you got a little snow on his glasses. Still cute!
He was all about it!!
A little toddler group sledding? Why not?!?!
They can ride three deep, may as well!
No actually, I can't get them to all look the same way at the same time. Impossible.
And they keep coming.. Hi, Austin!
Goofy kids!
The dream team.
I guess slides in the snow are fun!
Such the cutie!
And even the pups came out to join us.
This is how you dry some gloves. I didn't do this, Dane did. How cute is that??
Silly northerner. We don't do things like this. We are in the south, it will melt in a day.
He was done with the snow. D.o.n.e.
Snow castle.
And the one I ALWAYS take. The obligatory hog-in-the-snow photo. Go Hogs.

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