Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm old.. just old // 2015

I say it every year.... I am old, just old. Maybe next year I will have a better attitude about growing older. I will say, I am a little better than last year. I have a wonderful family and group of friends who totally know how to make a girl feel very loved and oh so special!!

The hubs and the boys hooked me up with these AMAZING flowers. I love my boys!
And my girlfriends came over with a cake.
and some beer.. Ladies after my own heart! Don't worry, no cake decorators will be losing their jobs anytime soon. *note to all: the gooey icing tends to bleed and can make "Happy" read as "Hoppy"* Oh well, they sure made me extra hoppy happy!
I even had some special visitors. Isn't she just yummy!
 I love them!!
 We didn't have any candles so we used a random "2" I had in the closet. Silly details! 
My work peeps got me this AWESOME minion balloon and some cupcakes!
I was able to celebrate with friends, KSue and Shogun!
Jen even danced for me... oh wait, she was dancing because we were celebrating her birthday too! Love this crazy girl!
She thought it was time to take a selfie.
And my birthday got extended a bit because it snowed and the kiddos were out of school the next day.  
The hubs brought me this because he is awesome!
And later that evening, I was able to get some snuggle and reading time with my boys. Perfect day!!
That weekend we gathered at my parent's house to celebrate some more! My aunt made me my favorite, chocolate covered strawberries!! Don't pay any attention to the wide open spaces in the tray... I may or may not have eaten a few before taking a picture. Don't judge.
And then there was this... My father, I tell ya, comes up with the craziest things. Not only is this a flaming candle, but it sings too!
And sparkles. 
And then it opens like a flower! And then you have to take it outside because it stinks and won't stop singing. AH-mazing!!!
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday special! I love you all so very much!!!

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