Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chaz's 7th birthday party // 9.2014

This kid decided he wanted a Minecraft Birthday party. I wasn't sure how to start but somehow we managed to pull it off! No custom shirts of years past, instead he just picked one from the closet.
He was pretty excited but a little tired of me taking his picture for a week and saying "I can't believe you are SEVEN!"
Party time! We decided to have it at our friend's gym. It was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend it!
I found an amazing lady to make cookies. I pulled some images off the Internet and she whipped up these beauties. She is AMAZING!!
My mom came through with a lady who made this amazing cake. It weighed about a thousand pounds but was amazing!
I had a friend make some bottle labels. I mean, you have to have creeper juice at a Minecraft party, duh.
Before the party even started, little brother managed to put is Megatron into the cake. That is one way to get a taste.
And then it was time to party. This place was awesome. It had a HUGE bounce house. Of course my momma was one of the first ones in. She is so fun!
They also have several trampolines. These kids were having the time of their lives.
There is a long tumbling trampoline, which was obviously a top hit with these kiddos.
The regular trampolines were a hit as well. Crazy hair don't care!
These three little nuggets have known each other since they were 3 month old and have continued to stay friends for all these years. Love them!!
This guy was on fire. He has so much energy. I just wish I had a third of it!!
This is a weird joy of my hubs...kid tossing. In a foam pit or in a pool, it is what he loves.
Momma and her new BFF, Kerby Sue. Isn't she precious?!?!
They also had a HUGE obstacle course with a slide at the end. Crowd favorite!
Such the ham!
If you can't tell by all the smiles and grins, these kiddos were having a blast!
Daddy and his baby. Jump. Jump!
The birthday boy was sweaty... which obviously equals a fun time!
Sweet Lemley with her flying hair. HA!

Fancy move, Chaz.
I love Jack's face. It is like the hubs is a superhero.
My mother is amazing. Seriously. She bounced in the bounce house, jumped on the trampolines, went in the obstacle course (which is not easy) and ended in the foam pit. The kids were sure fond of her two.
And then she lost her sock. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Evan having a blast!
And of course, the hubs decides to pelt the kiddos with foam blocks. Way to teach them, hubs.
He has no idea how good he has it. My sweet meme sits on the ground with him and plays with his "mens." She loves him so much and he loves her the same! Sweetness!
I caught these cuties through a window. They were so thirsty and snuck into the Gatorade.
Back to the crazy kiddos. I swear they ran and jumped and bounced for hours. Hours, without stopping.

Here he goes again. Toss the kids. Blurry, I know but so fun!
And then they wanted to foot race. Why not?!?
These kids.  They are amazing. They are so happy and such good friends.
Sweet Taylor. She is such the dollface.
Lemley... Cutie.
I guess he was tired.
The cheering squad.
Trampoline races. I mean, everything is a competition, right?
It is about to get real... Nice stance, Brandon!
I love this face. Love it! You can tell she is very used to racing, and likely beating, the boys. You get it, girl!!
John teaching some cheer moves.
Still playing. I think he has her wrapped.
My oldest kid...
I love Evan's face but I really LOVE Lemley's face. "Ummm, why aren't you taking my picture?? Don't know you how cute I am?" I love her! HA!
Daddy got him up and "running" on the trampoline! The faces are blurry but oh so funny!!
Then it was time to eat. We figure we probably ran every bit of nourishment out of them. They.played.hard!!!
Goofy kiddo!
He loved his cake!
Our buddy, Kale. They have been buddies since they were 3 months old. Love these kiddos!
We packed it all up and headed home to open presents. I let him open them in the driveway as it was nice outside and the mess would be easy to clean up.

Minecraft explosion!
Legos are still a big thing in our house. I have no idea what I will do when it is over. Can you sell them?!?!?
Baby brother "reading" cards. Adorableness!
Hayes is mesmerized by Steve
Nerf = BIG grin!
And then he had to be a complete goof ball.
Then Papa and Gaga showed up to deliver a tree for me!
and a brand new bike for the boy! He was super pumped. To say he had outgrown his other one is probably an understatement. It was starting to look like a trick bike as he is so tall!!
The baby and his pup.
I love this face so much! I can't believe he is SEVEN! I have been a momma for SEVEN years. He has brought be such joy, some tears, LOTS of laughter, many adventures, some scary moments and more memories and smiles than I could ever capture. He loves Minecraft, Legos, Baseball, Razorbacks, his friends and family, his brother, his pups, math and reading! He is the king of photobombing my phone, or anyone's who is left open. He is a super fast runner and a great athlete. He has a heart of gold which is very sensitive sometimes. He loves to play outside and swim whenever he can! He is such an amazing little boy!! I love you to pieces, Chaz Lee Hill. I love you to the moon and Queens! Happy 7th birthday!!

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