Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin patchin' // 2014

I am not really sure what happened but basically I looked up and it was the end of October. I had missed every opportunity to take the boys to the Pumpkin Patch. I wanted to cry. The hubs decided we were not going to miss this as it is something we love to do and really look forward to every year. After work and school we packed up and headed down the road. We didn't have a ton of time before the sun went down but we sure made the best of the time we had!! We were pretty excited!
 Why wouldn't you ride a fake horse? I mean, if it is there, ride it!!
 Along the same lines, why wouldn't you rope a baby? I mean, if he is there, lasso that kid!!
 I love this kid SOOO much! He is growing so big right before my eyes. He is an amazing kid and big brother. I love to see the light in his eyes and the spark that is him! I also love the fact that he lets me snap my camera in his face and entertains it.
 I didn't think we were going to have time for the baby to ride the ponies but we did and he LOVED it!!!
 How could you deny that precious little baby face?!?
 Hmmmmm, maybe I was pushing it a little with the camera. HA!!
 Hay bail time!
 I wasn't sure he was going to go all the way through the tunnel. I am glad this little girl came in because it blocked him and he was forced to make his way out of the tunnel.
 And I am so glad because I got this awesome shot! I love this face! L.O.V.E!

 And the corn pit. Always a fan favorite. It kinda grosses me out but he loves it!
 And the baby was quite the fan!
 Yep, corn belly!
 Of course the hubs gets into the action. Such the big kid!
 **Note: no babies were really thrown in the above shot. It was all for the fun of a picture..simmer**

We just HAD to go through the corn maze. I'm glad the sun was still out because doing this in the dark was NOT an option for this momma. No way, no how. I have seen way too many scary movies!
 The baby didn't want to take the trail but rather walk THROUGH the corn. Good gravy, this kiddo!
The  hubs showing the boys that it was real corn. Chaz just couldn't believe there was REAL corn in those stalks. HA!

 Still a little wary of the tunnels. He did do it a few more times before we left. 
 Talking to a goat. No seriously, there were "talking" back and forth. It was hilarious.
 Sweet little baby goats!!
 This kiddo has zero fear of anything. He wanted to pet and touch everything possible.
 What? You have never had a goat in your selfie? You are totally missing out! Notice the tongue. HA!!
 The boys share a profile. I love my boys. All three of them!
 Chaz isn't as trusting but he was still having a great time!
 This is the Hills. We are weird and do weird things. Like having a goat nibble on the baby butt. Don't judge.
 Baby pig petting. So fun!
 Onto the horses. This was the biggest horse I have ever seem. It was HUGE!
 This thing was scary.
 We had to ride the tractor out to the cow pasture. It is one of the main reasons we come to this pumpkin patch. We love the tractor ride!
 The baby was a little wary of this. I don't think he knew what was going on.
 And he couldn't understand why we were giving the tacos tortillas to the cows.

Here they come!
 I love these nutty, and at this point, cranky boys!
 Before we left we had to to the peddle cars. I didn't even know these existed at this place!
 The boy and his dad. Nothing better!
 He decided, although he didn't want to when we first got there, it was time for him to ride the pony.
 and the baby wanted to go again!
 We had the best night! Thanks to the hubs for pushing and making this happen. Sometimes, I just need a little nudge.

We usually do the Pumpkin Patch  with the Lanes. Here is some throwback 2013, 2012  -- next year, I will plan better and we will get back to tradition!

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