Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkin Patch // 2012

We got a call from some of our favorite peeps one afternoon inviting us to tag along to the local pumpkin patch. Of course we said YES!!

Chaz was very excited and the weather was awesome!
First stop was the corn box. Kinda like a sand box but with corn kernels. It isn't so great for a baby who has been walking less than two months. He spent the majority of his time like this.
Cooper was all about it. Scooping and pouring until his little heart was content.
Chaz was his usual silly self. He decided to do corn angels. Adorable!
I have no idea why he thought this was a good idea but we knew we weren't coming out of this place clean and it made for amazing pictures, so I just let him go to town. Every time he would say "Momma, watch this!" And pour an entire cup of corn on his head.
The baby had such problems walking in the corn. He was still having a great time but simply could not stay on his feet.
Quite possibly my favorite picture of the day, the month or even the year. I heart him!!
I love this stage in his life. He is so fun and full of life! This is fun!!
Cooper was trying to play with the big kids and got a little high centered on a hay bale. Hilarious!
We kind of backed up and just let the kids climb and play. They had such a great time!
I love the sweet assistance of the older brother and daddy. They adore this little guy.
One of the hubs' favorite things to do it to chunk my kiddos in the air. He did it with Chaz and now he does it with Dane. On one side it drives me batty but on the other, look at this smile. They love it!
If you look closely you can see the corn kernels flying out of his clothing. I think we could have probably popped a full bowl of popcorn with all the corn that fell from this guy.
I can't believe how big Cooper is getting. He is like a little man. Simply adorable.
Chaz got a little jealous that I was taking so many pictures of Cooper. HAHAHA!!
I convinced him that I had a ton of him as well and he let me continue shooting Coop.
Love, love, love him!!
D decided to try and lure Cooper into the tunnel. He wasn't really for it!
Even from the other side, he wasn't having it!
So off to the corn maze we went.
Chaz was our fearless leader and Cooper followed a close second.
The corn maze was a little uneventful so that didn't really last long. When we got out we told Chaz we would go see if we could ride the tractor. This is really all Cooper was saying since he saw the tractor across the field. Chaz started walking and I had no clue what he was doing. When I finally caught up to him, he quickly explained he was going to find the tractor. Hmmm, ok.
We decided to waste a little time while the tractor ride line died down. While my boys headed back to the corn pit and hay stack, Cooper decided to visit the animals. I thought I would tag along to see how Coop reacted.
First, he wanted to climb in with the goats. I mean, if the goats can climb on the cage, why couldn't he??
Next he wanted to feed them but he wasn't all in until he watched his momma do it first.
Love this face! He had the sweetest little this-animal-is-going-to-eat-my-finger face and squeal to go along with it.
My sweet loves hugging up on my other love. Pure sweetness!!
Love this bunch! We had the best time, thanks for the invite!!
When you add one more kiddo, it is a bit more challenging to get a really good photo. The odds are really not in our favor.
The ride through the pasture was a good time. They gave you tortillas to feed the cows right out of the trailer. It was pretty exciting. Can't you tell??
All the kiddos loved feeding the cows.
When we got off the ride there was this big hay bale. Chaz waited as all the other kiddos climbed up and jumped off what seemed like a hundred times. He was so very patient, I was so very proud. Once it was finally his turn, he was pumped. He looked SO big. Where did my baby go?!?!
The first time he jumped, he wanted his Daddy's hand. So very sweet. I love watching moments like this. He thinks he is SO big but then in that same moment he becomes a little guy who needs his daddy. So very sweet..
and then two seconds later, he climbs up and does it all by himself. Again, LOVE watching these moments. Love watching him grow.
and what happens when you play this hard? You zonk this hard! I kinda love when my no-longer-napping-kid decides to crash and take a nap. Momma bliss.
Thanks again for the invite, Lanes! You guys are awesome friends and I love that our boys get to grow up together. Priceless!

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