Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cheesy School Pictures // Fall Installment // 2014

My favorite time of year again.. Cheesy school picture day!!

I love, love, love these. Every time. No matter how good or bad, they are always soooooo gooooood.

First up, the little nugget.  His daddy dressed him. The hubs actually loves picture day as much as I do, he just hates paying for them when it is time to order. #iaminthewrongbusiness...#majormoolah....

Things to note: Razorback tie, button up on a 3 year-old, red Toms, is that a tractor? his grin..oh that grin!! I also love how this photographer is able to pose his hands. Every time. I love it!!
 And then it was Chaz's turn. After the amazingness of last year, I didn't really know what to expect this year. The key is NOT to have high expectations but just to roll with it and think about how fun it is going to be in 15-20 years to look back and belly laugh. I mean really, does anyone really take a fantastic school picture??

He tried. He really did. It isn't his fault that his hair is doing something a little off on that backside. I call this one a success!!! Isn't he such a dollface?
Throw it on back.......Spring 2014 -- Fall 2014

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