Sunday, August 31, 2014

August // 2014

August..... Summer is coming to an end but we are still having fun!

Chaz wanted me to take this picture because he was showing me that Hayes got a haircut. Goofy kids
Sweet boys. I love these three amigos!
I love when he reads to himself. It is just precious to hear him make up the stories.
Sweet baby Lil. I really, really loves her!!
Thank goodness this isn't happening as often as it used to -- this boy didn't really sleep through the night until he was TWO!-- but the nights where he climbs in and snuggles really make my heart explode.
Heaven gained a precious little angel this month. Sloane was a beautiful, fierce fighter. Godspeed, sweet girl.
With that.. I needed to throw it back to my sweet babies. I hate that sometimes it takes something so tragic to shake us into slowing down and remembering how truly blessed we are.
Ok... so maybe it is happening more often than not.. but this week, I will take it.
We always say we are a village. I love that I have friends that are able to get the pictures of my little guy winning awards when I am not that and then I am able to give that love back. Good job, Hudson!
The baby made a koala. The koala made me happy. The koala made the blog. Good job, koala!
This is THE treehouse at night. SOOO cool!!
Random Saturday, we decided to take a little flight over to OKC to have lunch with my brother. Yes, just to have lunch. So nice!
The boys were so excited!!
I love these faces!!
I have fears, lots of them really. My biggest besides the norm -- dying, something happening to someone I love, failing...-- it would be flying. Odd that my dad is a pilot in his off time, huh?!?!

I love that my boys are getting older and pushing me outside of my comfort zones.
I HAVE to do these things. For them, for me. I love these faces. Mine: Smile before you cry. Chaz: Beyond excited! Dane: Mean mug. BTW: I tend to laugh when I have any sort of anxiety... coping mechanism.
The blur. That face. He is my world (or at least a half of it :)
Momma got to ride buddy with the baby. He was so good for her!!

My pilot. I trust this man with everything I have. Obviously, since I put my entire family in his hands.
And my hubs was the co-pilot. He loves this kind of stuff. No fears in that man!
Sooooooooooo relaxed!!
Zonked.. Totally zonked.
These awesome two people were waiting for us when we arrived.

Such a fun day!!
Just a random day in the neighborhood. Yes, Dane is wearing his pjs. I have no clue with this kid.
Date night. Anniversary night!!!
We have be doing this thing called love for 16+ years now. We have been married for 13. I am still amazed at what pups we were when we wed. The things we have been through are amazing, happy, tragic, sad, encouraging, blissful, challenging, inspiring. unimaginable, wonderful and just blessed! We are just so blessed! We have had a ton of adventure, lots of love, tons of laughs, a fight or 50, unbearable loss, three addresses, the fun of building a house together, five cars, three cats, one dog, loves of friends/family and two of the most amazing children has been an amazing ride so far! We aren't perfect but I love us. I wouldn't choose anyone else to do this thing called life/marriage/parenthood. He keeps me young, he keeps me laughing and he loves me more than I probably know. Cheers to the next 13!
Wellll, maybe that above caption should say TWO dogs. As of our anniversary, I was not completely committed to this little lady... But she is soooooooooooo cute.
The kiddos love her!
She fits right in with the "mens"
Dentist time! Chaz is SO good at the dentist. He has always been so good!!
And he got recognized at school. Musician of the Month. What?!?! This kid is awesome!!
More driveway fun nights! Gotta check under the hood!
Poor hubs. He had an allergic reaction and took some meds. I am usually the car sleeper but today roles were reversed.  The boys are always car sleepers!
Two of the three amigos and the pup.
The dueling scooters.
Lil. I mean, this girl. I adore her.  She is zonked. How adorable is this?!?!
Sleeping baby selfie.
Wrigs was not sure what to think about the pup but he was super sweet to her.
Chaz fell in love in about 2.5 seconds.
He look like a trucker.  BWAHAHAHA!
My sweet baby trucker. Love him!
And then this happened...I am not sure how it happened but it had to do with a bucket of water and wet clothes. They clearly didn't like the wet clothes. There are others but  I will save those for graduation. Sweet baby booties.
Chaz was challenged and decided to pass it on. What a great cause and lots of money raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

The next day.. the challenge was answered by Dave and the hubs.

Two peas....
We usually try and go out for lunch at least once each weekend. Buffalo Wild Wings has become a new fav for this little guy. Not because of the food, but because of the hats. He is obsessed.
You know what is super helpful to have when doing yard work? A puppy. Duh.
These two.
I took the boys to Meme's to get a haircut-- LOVE that my sweet Meme can, and WILL, still cut my boys (all three!) hair. I managed to get this goofy smile.

He knows to sit up big and very still. Such the good boy!
First grade homework. It has started off good.....we shall see.
And then it was national dog day.... We love them but it is rather ironic that the pup ate our office couch on National Dog day. WHAT?!?!
This girl. So spunky. So zany. She is so much fun and has a style all her own. Yes, these were the same night. Yes, she had a costume change.
And yes, she inspires others.
Love these kiddos!
This boy loves his Peppa Pig. For those who aren't aware, it is a British cartoon.... listen to his sweet little voice. "DAddy, you know the funny words! No, we jump in muddle puddles with our boots on. They in my 'nother' closet. My boots are down at AJs house. Daddy and Dane took our boots to AJs house. Daddy you know the funny word. He's not gonna talke-- that guy and daddy pig and momma pig and George and Peppa pig. Bye.  I love you, Daddy. Goodnight, Dane. I love you!" Adorable!
When a co-worker moves on to pursue his dreams. You send him off with his favorite cookies covered in Koala clip-ons. Good luck, my friend! I know our paths will cross again real soon!
AND when the ice bucket challenge goes up, whose Executive VP and Managing Director steps it up this big... No ice buckets here but lots of honey and feathers, complete with donations. There is an awesome grey haired man under all of that nonsense. Best.boss.ever!
I still love her even when she eats the furniture. How can you not?!?! Look how cute she is!
Dane was making her bite him "Moooooooooooooommmmmmmm, Stone is bitin' me!" Really, dude? Really?
Yes, she is still ornery when she is looking so cute. I like that Dane is covering for protection. This.face.
He insists that he gets to hold her. I think she is rather reluctant.
She finally gave in, or lost consciousnesses...
This one doesn't care. He just likes to car sleep, like his momma!
And then we made it to Gaga and Papa's house, which means you are in the pool in about 2.25 seconds! CANNONBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!
They love it here. They really, really do!!
And Dane is learning to be such a good swimmer. I think he will have this down by next year!
Didn't we all do this as kids!
SO much fun!!
And yes, we have his mens. Don't you worry about that! His mens love to swim, according to him!
Still getting that potty training thing down. He wanted his puppy in the chair so he could talk to her while he tried to potty. Instant, these two.
And now it is time for the monthly funnies.

One of Chaz's friends got a hold of his mom's FB and decided to send me a message. Heart exploded. 
This and tiny, tiny sheet of paper. The amount of paper the boy hoards is impressive.
Really? How many people saw this before handing it off? Really? C'mon, man!
This is so true and makes my heart smile.
I believe this, deep down believe this. I wish more people did.
My girls. All my girls. From my #RHSM crew to my longtime friends. I love you weirdos to death!
I think I have posted this before but I really love it. It makes me smile. 
You laughed... I know you did.....and you pictured it in your head.
Yes, yes I do! Each and everyone of you!

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