Saturday, August 2, 2014

THE Tree house // 2014

Let me start by saying, I have no words for my Dad, I am fairly certain he hung the moon and put the stars in the sky. I have always been a Daddy's girl but you know that saying where you don't know how much you love your husband until you have a baby, I think this is the same for your daddy. When I see him with his grandkids, my heart just explodes. He told me along time ago, you work to be able to do things for your kids .. and even moreso for your grandkids. I seriously can't explain this love. And Chaz, he is something super special to him. I mean, like me, he loves both the kiddos so much but Chaz has a little special element that he made me a momma, the hubs a daddy, my momma a Gaga and my Popsicle a Papa.

AND he is at the age where he can do fun thing with his Papa. (Before you even start, don't. Dane is loved so very much. He does different things and is loved for his own milestones at his age. He will get there. He will be able to do big fun things too.. but for now it is Chaz's turn!!!)

A little lul in summertime childcare means you call your folks. It is a necessary thing for us working folk and THANK GOD they are close enough to help me out. I needed them to keep the boy for a few days. Literally like two. We shifted him to Bentonville for a few days and ....

Let me back up...
Me: "Chaz, you are going to spend a few days with Gaga and Papa."
Chaz: "Yep, I know. I am going to build a HUGE treehouse with Papa. Let me get my gear"
Me: "Gear?? You have gear??? And he told you about the treehouse?"
Chaz: "Yeah, he bought lumber"
Me: "You know what lumber is??"
Chaz: "Mom, I need to get my gear. Lumber is what you use to make a treehouse. C'mon!"

Did that just happen? When did he become 35?? Gear??

Yes, gear.

Then he returned to my bathroom in this "gear"
Glow outfit, gloves and sunglasses. These are what you need to build a treehouse. 
 And then he was off. For the next few days I got some great pictures, along with phone calls, from my parents and the boy.

Giving Papa instructions and Papa taking him... the later is amazing.
Building, from scratch, a tree house. YOU just wait until the end. You will die!
I got videos.

And more pictures.
My Daddy's buddy Guerin came to help. What a great guy!
It rained... and the kiddo decided to take a drink.
And then this?!?!? What?!?! Is this my baby?!?! WOW!
The guys. So awesome. Notice the yellow dude in the second picture. He is so proud!!!
I love this one.. He wanted to swim but it was a little chilly because the heater wasn't on and it was raining. This kid!!!
End of day two photos. ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME?!?!?!

Popsicle, you should be proud. You are amazing!!
He worked the next day while Chaz was about 70% invested. I mean, he is six.. it is hard. I am just so impressed on how long he stuck it out!!
And my sweet daddy was so tired.. Bless him
Wow.. just wow!
We took Chaz back and Daddy spent the next week or so finishing up the details--- vinyl flooring, wire covers for the windows, a bar (For reals, the kid asked for it to serve food!) shingles, indoor lighting, shelving, etc.  I can't even help to make you understand how amazing this structure is OR how much my children love it!!

We brought Chaz back a few weeks later for the "Big reveal!!" 

Even Wrigs got in on the action!

And the pride of this little boy. He knows he helped. He knows he actually took a HUGE part in this. I am impressed and proud and amazed. Chaz Lee Hill, YOU are something else!!!
And your baby brother is so excited too!!!

And then this happened. A few weeks later he went back to school and they had to write a several page book about "How I spent my summer vacation" Did he talk about random days are Chuck E Cheese, Neighborhood parties, Summer camp at FAC, Vacation, etc???!?!?! No, he wrote a book about the tree house. Pages includes "Buy lumber" "Make the stairs" "Cut windows" "It is easy" "It is fun!!"  I am pretty sure his Papa would disagree with "It is easy" but I am CERTAIN he would agree with "It is fun"
I do pretty good with not having tears when I post. There are a few here and there that do it to me and this is one of them. ...I have tried but I can't ever put into words how much my parents mean to me. They are simply the most amazing people on the planet. I know, I am biased but if you know/met them, you may just agree with me. They are so giving, to any and everybody they know. The amount of help and hardwork they have given to friends, family and strangers is immeasurable. The love they give to me, my husband and my kiddos is amazing. They love my boys so much and treat them as they hung the moon-- I am certain the love is completely mutual. I mean seriously, who builds a treehouse the size of a NYC apartment smack dab in the middle of their backyard??!?!

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