Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kindergarten Celebration // 2014

Chaz's school doesn't do a Kindergarten Graduation but rather a celebration. At first I was a little sad that I wasn't going to see him in a cute little cap and gown but this turned out to be very cute. They had pictures of the kids (by classroom) over the course of the year. There were sweet little notes and poems from the teachers. It was just precious.
It was on a Wednesday morning so we decided to take the baby so he could see his brother.
He was far more interested in his pop tart than a celebration of the kinders.
He was so cute when he spotted me. We didn't tell him we were coming, perfect reaction!
This wasn't his teach but she spoke for them all and when she did, I cried. Of course I did, he is my little guy!
Then the kids sang several songs. Preciousness!
Here is the video they played for Chaz's class. Precious and I love the song. 
 My favorite Kindergartener.
And his teacher Ms O'Mara. She was SUCH a sweet teacher. I am pretty sure Chaz was a teachers pet but I will take it all day long, especially for his first year in "real" school. I needed a sweet nurturing person for me him. She certainly was the best person for the job.
And his friend, Cayden. Aren't they cuties??
Brother wasn't so accepting to the bro hug.
Cap and gown from last year can be seen here

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