Friday, May 31, 2013

Chaz Preschool Graduation // 5.2013

This day came WAY too quickly. I mean, didn't I just welcome this little boy into this world? How in creation has he already hit this milestone. I may or may not have shed a tear or two but it was more in happiness and pride. He is an amazing little boy! And as you can tell from the pictures, he is a little proud of himself.
Since the school is on that side of town, our sweet friends Mike and Destiny, invited us for dinner beforehand. Chaz wore his fancy clothes and struck a few poses for me. Some were of his choosing.
And some were Momma;s choice
When we got there, I snuck in the back to get a few pictures of these short people getting ready. Miss Sam is our favorite teacher. We just adore her and she loves Chaz so very much.
Aiden has been in Chaz's class since as far back as I can remember. I will miss seeing this kiddo every day!
Yep, he wore his ratty tennis shoes. We usually buy him new shoes during summer vacation but that wasn't for another few months. Oh well, I thought it was pretty funny!
How could this not make your heart smile. He is such a special kid. He makes my heart very happy!
Yep, this is happening.
He was moved to a special JrK class because he was getting bored in his regular class. I love that we got Miss Sam as his teacher. She is SO good and I could really tell a difference with what he was learning and retaining when he joined her class.
The Pledge of Allegiance.
They sang several songs that each had a choreographed dance. It was quite entertaining.
As suspected, it did not take long for him to get bored. This face is priceless to me! HA!!
James is up! One of Chaz's best buddies!
Lucas also got his turn!

But wait! It is his turn! He is up and ready!
A few more songs before they end the ceremony! It was simply precious!
Mah and Dah joined the fun!

My real camera crapped out on me so we had to switch to the iPhone. But we managed to get pictures of the rest of the crew. GaGa and PaPa were there to cheer him on!
And Meme and Sandra.

I tried to get a picture with Mike, Destiny and Cooper but this little guy wasn't having it.
 I guess this will do!
And then it was time for the family picture...and this tells a good story of my everyday.
I guess this one is the best of the best. HA!
I am so proud of this guy! He has become quite the little man. He is incredibly smart, has the memory of an elephant, has a HUGE heart, has a lot of good friends, loves his little brother so very much and has so many people who love him very much! We love you more and more everyday! Congrats little man!

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