Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hillapalooza (second installment) // 2014

Carried on from the first installment

We were able to catch a movie with the majority of the crew. How to Train Your Dragon 2... ummmmmm, why don't they give the parents cliff notes. I probably should have know the dad bites the dust... other than that, it is great! Sorry for the spoiler!
And then this happened on the way home. So stinkin' cute!
The boys thought it was funny. Poor Jackson!
I can't even believe I am posting this... but this is the Hills. The parents are as crazy as the kids. Boys.
These two little cuties found some of our dress up clothes. Twin Buzz Lightyears!
We took a trip to the Rogers waterpark. What a fantastic time!! We had a blast.  Waterslides, pools, lazy river, diving boards, fountains, etc.. AH-mazing!!!

Does something look odd to you here... start from the right.. normal size kid, normal size kid, normal size kid, normal size kid.....and tiny bit. WHAT?!? He wanted to jump off the big diving board.
The lifeguards actually made us remove his life jacket, which is still so bizarre to me, but his daddy was in the pool ready to catch him (which we had to negotiate with the lifeguards, they didn't want him to jump to anyone... what?!?! He is two and a half! He is brave but he can't swim!!)
no fear.. zero!
BAM! In the water. Please notice his cheering squad.
He did it about 10 times and then he was totally worn out. He wanted a snack, sour patch kids, and sacked out! Loves him!
We went to dinner that night and someone(s) stole my phone. BOMBED! There were about 80 photos. I love them!!

The next night it was dinner at the other Hills, to Marcy and Cam's we went! We couldn't keep the kiddos inside, they just wanted to be out and playing in the yard.
I love the glow. I love her face!!
The boys were doing their crazy time on the trampoline.
Chaz has always been one to migrate to either the older kids or the littles. He is just such a good caretaker for the littles. And he is super goofy, which they love!
They even let Campbell in on the action!
LOVE this picture of Brandon. He usually makes a goofy face or runs. So cute!
Marcy had a great idea to make a fire and make campfire treats--bread and fillings (cherry, Nutella, icing, blueberry, chocolate...whatever you want!) and cook it over the fire. Yummy!!
I don't know. I just don't know. But I think it is hilarious!!
These kids. So much fun!!
And back to the trampoline!
Nutella, anyone??
I can't, I just can't. What is wrong with my kid?!?! Oh yeah, sugar high!
The baby opted for a Popsicle. Cuteness!
And that was it. In a flash, Hillapalooza came to an end. What a crazy week?!? We love our family so much! Each kiddo is so unique. They are all fun, adorable, funny, sweet, smart, energetic and simply precious. The parents, grandparents and aunt aren't too shabby either! This week+ was such a highlight of our summer. I am so happy we have this time to share with our family every year. It is crazy but we wouldn't have it any other way!!

Check out this additional post for our family pictures!

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