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Hillapalooza (First installment) // 2014

Is everyone ready for Hillapalooza??! If you are new here, let me explain. Hillapalooza is a week's worth of Hill family madness. Ryan's brother's family comes in town from North Carolina and we all hang out for a week or longer. We didn't do it last year as the rest of the fam went to Disney but this year we were all in for almost two weeks of crazy.

Day one... Road trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City. Up bright and early and headed out!
We were the first to arrive and decided to use the moment for a photo opportunity. These kids are something else!
Chaz wanted to do the cut outs.
And I decided to play along.
First ride was the roller coaster. Dane is still too little to climb aboard.
But these crazy kids aren't! The faces are hilarious... and that would be my hubs face as you can't see Chaz.
While waiting for the cousins we decided to play a game or two. We have this down BTW. The people at SDC are so sweet and basically make sure the kids win something. We have learned that the balloon dart game is really the way to go. Always a winner, always fun!
The monkeys were a hit!
This picture is just to show that the hubs shirt matches the baby's. "Best.Dad.Ever." and "Best.Kid.Ever" I love that my hubs loves things like this. And yes, Chaz has a "Best.Kid.Ever" one as well but really wanted to wear his muscle shirt.
The frogs. Always a fav for the Hills.
And the hubs is always such a trouper to ride with the boys. Dane is still to little to ride alone but I think the hubs actually secretly loves it.
Except the "fit" or lack there of. BAHAHAHAHA!
Check his rockstar hands on the caterpillars.
I think someone is getting sleepy.
This may be one of my favorite set of pictures. Campbell got some spicy on her taters... Her face tells a great story!
"I am so tired and hot. I don't even know what to do with myself"
"But I can still make my cuteface"
And hide behind bottles and tell momma to take my picture.
Sweet Madilyn. Isn't she a dollface??
And Davis. I tell you, these Hill people make some cute kiddos (Present company's kiddos included :)
Anna. I cannot believe how big she is getting!! My precious little Anna Banana.
We saw this one coming, didn't we?
The ball. Any guesses on who biffed it into the water? I mean there are 11 children and several crazy dads, the odds are against us. Poor Brandon took the hit, bless him.
Now for a roller coaster full of Hills. All the faces are AMAZING! Please take note of the eldest Hill cousin, Brady. He holds that I-am-way-too-old-for-this-bored-teenage face so well.
And then comes the crazy uncle. HA!
She is not part of our family. I just had the camera on rapid shot and I got this gem. Amazing!
There they are again. Brady keeping up the stone face.
Sidney's face is amazing in the second one.And that girl, that girl in the back. BAHAHAHA!
Then it was my turn. Unfortunately, the ropes were in the way but Chaz and I had a great time on the pirate ship! I am not sure if you can tell by the picture but there is a FULL glass of water right in front of our faces. It stayed there the entire time and never spilled!! It was amazing.
Cam and Campbell joined us.
Meg and the boys were on the other side. It was so fun to watch their reactions.
Thanks to the hubs for making sure my face made it in a picture or two :)
Mean mug... and o.u.t.
Pirate ships!!
One of the only ones where I got Chaz's face... So fun!!!
Sassy pants.
I love this kiddo!!
The boat ride. This is, hands down, our favorite!!
Even the baby got in on the action.
Sweet Davis. Just chillin'
These kiddos were a hot sweaty mess.
Time for the ball pit! Little did we know, this would be the last time we would see this place. I had no idea they were about to tear it down and build a new Fireman's Landing play land (That will come out in a later post, it was a sad day!)

But for now, let's enjoy!
I love the ball house because ALL the kids can play and play together!
He is a little independent.
Then it was time to switch to the water play. They were ready for this. They were literally melting out there!
I love this sign and with it over the little terror, he is like "ummmmmmm, are you testing me?!?!"
Dane -1 Sign-0
I told him the sign said no running and he goes "oopsie!"
After dinner we ended the trip the same way we started but they were zonked after a long day. Day one= success!!!
The next morning we were headed to Aunt Meg's for some swimming time. He refused to put on his shirt and insisted on having two pop tarts. This kid.
The weather was amazing and the kiddos were pumped to swim.
This little boy was "sharing" with Dane. Dane wasn't 100% on board but I thought it was cute and with that sweet blond hair, he could easily fit into the Hill crew.
We continued the madness the next day. Hot summer days call for a cool pool. 
Davis loved to watch the big kiddos play in the pool. Such the doll!
Dane and his mens. Always about his mens.
And then this happened. You have a HUGE pool, lots of kiddos and what do you do? Make a fort. Outside the pool. Boys.
And the meltdowns begin......Poor kids were worn out!
Ben was still in it.
And Chaz decided it was time to do flips. I love this progression. He was so excited when he got to see it on my camera.
The baby wanted his turn!
And then Chaz wanted to do what Dane was doing. Monkey see, Monkey do.
And Brad?? Whaaaaa?

I think it was a little cold. Nice farmer tan, btw.
Campbell's turn. The second one kills me! HAAAA!!!
It became a thing. I love that Dane has zero fear and is willing to do just about anything. So much fun!! Chaz wanted to be the one to catch him but I think Dane pretty much jumped at/on him.
Annnnnnnnd, someone realized where the camera was. That face!
Sweet Madilyn!
This girl! Love her and he wacky spirit!
Oh Davis, what are you doing??
Sweet times with her Aunt Michelle.
Then this happened. Cameron wanted to "Get Brad." We made a plan. I put the camera on rapid setting and he did the rest. The faces are AMAZING!! There are about 6 other in air shots but these are the best ones!
HAHA! Brothers.
The next day, the dads took the boys golfing.
This meant the baby and I were on our own. Breakfast and bedhead.
Lunch at The Bueno. That face!
He insisted on carrying his leftovers out.
That evening it was dinner at our house. Which, according to the hubs, required the use of the GIANT slip and slide. The kiddos were all about it and really wanted to help.
Look at that crew!
I don't really know if they were wanting to help or wanting Uncle Ry to hurry up so they could get their fun on.
The hubs turned on the sprinklers while we were working on the slide. Davis was the first one to go check it out.
Then it was time. Campbell was first!
Then Madilyn.
We locked Davis in the trampoline. Don't judge. It was a must with all the crazy kiddos. He was happy as a clam.
The crew again. Such a good looking crew!
Chaz wanted to be goofy on his slide down.
I think Ben loved it!
And Jackson. He was so silly and I was laughing so hard, the pictures are a little blurry. Hilarious!

I love Brandon's face. He is having a great time but wasn't really ready for the splashback.
More of Campbell Kate!
The grass covered crazies headed up the hill.
And someone became quite the showoff.

Yep, still in there.
 I love all of these kiddos and am so glad they had such a blast!

We finally had to let him out. He was wanting in on some of the fun.
Her hair cracks me up!
I dig the side slide.
The crew and the audience. LOVE it!
They seriously just kept going and going and going. I am sure you have already figure out that the parents didn't mind a bit. We wanted them to sleep good that night!
Yes, little Dane-o finally got into the action.

But all he wanted to do was sit on the slide and make everyone go around him. Mad didn't mind. I love this pic! I love the littles having such a great time together!
He finally went down. We may or may not have pushed him. *wink*
And then he was done. HA!
The kids got cleaned up, fed and decided to play a little in the yard. Such cuties!
Brady was in charge of organizing chaos. Good luck with that one.

Take a moment to flashback  2012 and earlier years. Forgive some of the madness going on in 2012, I have no clue why some of the pictures are skewed now. One day I will go back and fix them :(

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