Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hunting eggs // Little kids style! // 4.2014

After the color run, it was time to head across town and hunt some eggs, little kid style. Did I mention my kid isn't great at sharing? Hopefully, I didn't get any major meltdowns on cameras.
We quickly realized they hid the eggs a little too early and it got a little too warm... which unfortunately equals a bunch of melted chocolate in little plastic eggs. Grossness.
Kadence was a little suspicious of putting all these little eggs in his bucket.
Dane, not so much. He was like a madman looking for eggs.
and then he discovered they opened. I confiscated the gooey chocolate so he could have some of the regular candy. He was in awe. 
Love this face. He is yummy.
What do you do when you have 15 cranky toddlers? You try to line them up and get a great picture. I mean that is a no brainer, right? These are the "good" ones. It was about a 5/1 ratio for bad/good. Oh well, they make me smile.
Buds.They refused the look at the camera.
I finally got this. I am not sure what it is. It is kind of his smile face but then a bit of "mom, please stop taking pictures. You are embarrassing me!!"  Kadence just hangs his head in shame of me.

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