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The bro is 40 // November 2012

My brother turned 40 this year so we decided to head to OKC to celebrate with him. I am not sure he knew what he was in for when he agreed to be invaded for the weekend. We came with a chocolate cake in had, courtesy of our Aunt Sandra. She knew it was his favorite so she offered to bake it for him.
Before he got home from work we decided to decorate the house. He couldn't ignore the fact that he was another year older. It was literally everywhere.
 Lisa was so great in helping get everything ready for the birthday boy.
 We even hauled Meme along for the weekend!
Chaz spent some time to make Shane a birthday card complete with "Dragon ninja stickers"
We spent the evening enjoying yummy steaks and sides and some cold beverages. Do not call child services.. not only was it 99% empty, it has a stopper. He just said bottle and leaned in so we figured it would make for a funny photo. And it did!
Shane got to spend some time making Legos with Chaz. I think Chaz may have schooled him a little

Gaga spent some quality time with the littliest guy.
and we played "baby toss" I know, wrong.
but he didn't seem to mind.
After dinner we let the old man blow out his candles.
And open his presents.
The next morning we woke up early in order to head to the OKC zoo BUT not before some Lego time with Chaz. Have I mentioned this boy is obsessed with Legos? Yes, obsessed.
It was beautiful day for the zoo. Chaz was super excited! First we hit up the kids area which had slides, tunnels and all sorts of neat activities.
Dane and I decided we would also take part.
This was a cool rope climber up to the second level.
I know blurry.. but blurry equals momma running backwards out of the tunnel in order to show you the excitement on this kiddo's face!
There was a place where you could go inside an enclosed bird sanctuary. Chaz was pumpped at first. At first......
Dane wanted to feed the birds. I think I was more nervous than he was.
He wanted to walk the entire time. You would think he would have been totally pooped, not this kid. He has SOOOOO much energy!
Yes, I took a few pictures of the animals. The real animals, not just my boys.
Animal crackers at the zoo... totally appropriate.
The OKC zoo has so many cool sculptures. They are huge and the kids are able to climb all over them. Little brother didn't want any help from big brother but big brother wanted nothing more than to help him with everything.
Such the ham. I seriously can't believe how big he is getting. Every time I see a picture I am like WOAH!
The zoo has these cool paths that wrap back through bamboo and right up to the tiger cages. Very cool!!
There is a story here. Yes, this is the hubs wearing a mock turtleneck. This is probably not his best look but he loves it and here is why...........while shopping in JC Penney's one day, he came across this mock turtleneck and a pullover.  He thought it looked pretty good but when my cheap-skate hubs saw the price tag, he was really excited. 

 Hubs: "Is this the real price??!?!"
                                             Sales Lady: "Well, sir. It seems a little low but if that is what the ticket says."
Hubs: "SOLD!!!" 

He brought it home and was incredibly proud of his purchase. When he brought it home boasting his new find, I quickly pointed out that the combo he just purchased was the EXACT same ensemble as our ex head football coach. Nice buy, hubs. He didn't care. He was so proud of the final purchase price. $2. Yep, $2 for an Arkansas pullover and mock turtleneck. He often tells me "That is just a dollar a shirt!!" He wears it with pride.
Ummmm buddy, I think you may need to turn it around. It isn't going to work that way. He claimed he saw something. It was hilarious.
Much better.. but all the adults didn't have any change so all he ever saw was a bunch of blackness.
My map kid, always.
Dane was still going full speed. It was gorilla-time. Is it wrong that I wanted a Funniest Home Video moments to happen. You know, when the gorilla starts banging on the glass and the kiddo screams his head off? Yes, I am THAT good of a mom. And unfortunately it didn't happen.
Dane loved all the bridges throughout the park.
Chaz decided to curl up and take a nap in the stroller. I can't say I blamed him, we had been walking forever!!
and then it was time for the big bears. Yes, same hope and wish but it didn't happen. No crazed bear, no screaming baby, nothing. The bear just did his "rounds" and the baby waved.
This picture doesn't do it justice but this bald eagle was amazing.....and HUGE!
It was such a beautiful day!
Another sculpture, another climber.
Yes, Chaz was STILL napping but Dane, he was STILL going strong.  Dane was mesmerized by the swimming dogs. You see, he things every animal is a dog. This is what you suffer when you only know a few animal words. Anyways, the otters were "dogs."  Papa was sweet enough to follow Dane around as he showed him all the swimming "dogs."

For my brother's birthday I made him a video with a TON of pictures from over the years. To be fair, I am still Macbookless so I enlisted the help of a friend and HE helped me make a very cool video. Unfortunately it is huge, so you will just have to settle for the pictures (well some of them, not all of them) The video was to music too... but your aren't getting that either. I know, fail.

These are in no particular order, I think it is a little more fun and surprising that way.  If you haven't noticed her, this is Lisa and we LOVE her. I am so happy that my brother found her and that she is sweet enough to put up with his crap. HA!!
I love that my kiddos bring out the kid in him and he is wonderful enough to cut loose with them
My parent's 40th wedding anniversary (6 years ago) There are actually 5 people in this picture. Although we didn't know it, I was pregs with Chaz.
My parents lived in Virgina for several years while my dad was working there so we made it a point to visit them as much as possible. I love Richmond!
I got Oscar for my brother for his 21st birthday. My parents "inherited him" but he was always my brother's baby.
Shane and our cousin Michelle. I would say they were 3ish.
Daddy and Shane playing the guitar. I love this picture and had never seen it before I started this project.
Graduation.....the second time.
The cousins with Papa.
Family vacation. How can you not get the Old Time photo??
Christmas morning.
Houseboat times. These were good times. And the bro had some good hair.
One of the only family pictures we had growing up. I don't know why but we just never got family pictures.I love this one!
When they brought me home from the hospital, weird masks. I guess kids were extra germy back then.
Blocking on the kiddo. LOVE this one!
Our vacation to Pikes Peak. There was zero snow, zero. This was also the vacation where my brother forgot his shoes but my dad was "nice" enough to stop at Walmart and buy him some VERY uncomfortable Winner's Choice cleats. Yes, cleats. My dad believes in never making the same mistake twice. Check!
More lake time!
Momma and Shane. Love the eighties!
Did my parents really let us stop on the side of the road and feed a deer? Was this deer really just standing on the side of the road? What the crap??
Shane and Meme. They both look thrilled.
With his first nephew. He was wrapped around his finger from day one.
I only post this because the Jams are amazing. Really, amazing.
Easter. I guess only one of us was required to dress up. The other was able to wear regular clothes and look super annoyed.
About 15 seconds after this picture was taken my brother caught a branch across the neck and it tossed him clean off the horse. He had a mark for the rest of the vacation and the story has been told for years.
Possibly one of the best Halloween costumes of my life.. or my brother's. Conan the Barbarian. Amazing. Nice work, Folks!
He refused to smile in school pictures. I remember every year, my dad would pull out the photos and say "Shane, you couldn't smile? Again?"  It looks like he really had to fight it on this one.
Possibly one of my favorite pictures of him as a kiddo. I actually had this hanging in my room until I left for college.
Bunny ears.
Chunky monkey! He was SOOO stinkin' cute!
There were no cuddle pictures between us. Only the two feet minimum with an arm hold. BAHAHAHA!!
This was pretty typical for us. Shane would either be smiling or not really caring at all.... me, crying. Always.
Everybody strike a pose.

Family vacation! Bury the two year-old in the sand
Seriously cute kid. What happened?!?! Kidding.. Kidding
Sophomore prom. Do not comment on the dress. I wanted it and I loved it. Hindsight is 20/20
More Christmas morning. we are always SO much nicer on Christmas morning.
Such a handsome fella.
Yes, we met Clint Black. Yes, my brother was uber annoyed to be with the family. Yes, my purse is as big as my head. Yes, Clint Black touched my bum when he was putting his arm around me. Excellent memory.
Messing with dad. Love it!!
I love this guy!
Senior Prom. This car was something to be seen
My Junior prom. 
The ground was so soggy, my brother was enlisted to carry me out of the yard so my heels didn't sink into the grass. Such a good big brother!
Best brother ever. Yes, he is my only brother but I still think he is pretty great. 
Yes, my mom's hair is as big as the baby. Sorry Mom, I just couldn't help myself. Your hair is awesome!!
Best family ever, we are so very blessed.
Nice socks!
I don't even know what is going on here..... and I don't care, I love it.
These two, what a mess. Their birthdays are two days apart so we celebrated them together. They decided to be ridiculous silly
Another I never saw before this little project..... and I love it.
Papa and Shane when he graduated from the UofA. So proud!
God love the Popsicle........and his outfit. Dad, amazing.
No we are not in San Francisco. No they are not a couple.
LOVE her. Aren't they just the cutest!
Maybe the second best costume of all time. My brother is the little guy on the floor. Awesome!
The day Chaz was born. He was so excited to be an uncle!
Taken at the local Walmart. Anyone remember when that is where you would go for pictures? Yep, That was fancy!
Another Christmas morning love! He loves me.
Double Dare with a muscle shirt and a fanny pack. Nothing better!
Mom, Aunt Sandra with us cousins. Cuteness!!
I only post this because of our awesome Christmas attire.
Bromance. I mean it isn't a bromance until you spray your bro down with bug repellent.
Perfect place for firework watching!
I think this is just precious!
Momma and her first born.
Christmas. Yes, it took three grown men to build a PowerRanger Transformer thing.
He loves his little buddies!
Shane, you are an awesome brother. I probably don't tell you enough but I love you. You are an amazing man, brother, son, uncle,  brother-in-law and friend. Happy 40th birthday.! I can't wait to celebrate the many, many more to come!!!

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