Thursday, May 31, 2012

Redneck waterpark!!

Remember when I mentioned our new neighbors and how we were about to begin an AWESOME Summer?? Well, that Summer has begun!

Let me start with..we have no shame. Really, we don't. We love our kids and as long as they are having a good time, who cares?!? They are loved, fed and get to bed at a good decent time. So with that, I bring you the Redneck Waterpark. I say "redneck" with all the love in the world as this was one of the best nights to date. 

We were all hanging out, eating pizza and drinking CapriSun/Beer/Wine (depending on your age, of course) and we decided to turn on the sprinklers. Why the heck not?? Well, when you turn on the sprinklers and tell the kiddos to "run wild" they immediately lose their clothes. I don't know what the Law that surrounds said activity is, but it happens and it is inevitable. 

They started slowly. Keeping pajama pants on and playing on the edge of the sprinkler line..
but before you knew it, they were running a muck

I mean, is there really anything better than running through a sprinkler in your undies?? I think not!
They were having an absolute blast. Then would run over and tell us it was cold but before you knew it they were back in the sprinklers. Yes, we had several neighbors drive by during the chaos but they just waved and smiled. I mean, what do you do when you see this? They were blissfully happy and that is all that matters!
Then they had to make up a game. I am not sure of the rules but as usual, you-know-who was in charge. Oh, he is his mother's kid.
After a while in the sprinklers, your drawers start to get droopy. Usually, I measure the amount of fun by the amount of blurry pictures I get (it is hard for me to stay in focus when I am laughing uncontrollably) maybe now I should start measuring by the droop of the drawers!
What a wonderful, random evening with our new neighbors. I am so happy to live on a street like this. A place where we can be a little nutty. A place where our nuttiness is accepted. A place where our neighbors are just as nutty as us. A place where my kids are happy. I love this place!!
and I think they do too!

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