Monday, December 31, 2012

Chaz's artwork // 2012

This may be one of my favorite posts of the year. I LOVE my little artist and am always so amazed by the things he comes up with. He has the greatest imagination and it shows in his artwork.... his humor also comes out sometimes.

As shown in my favorite piece of work. So the story goes something like this..

Momma "Chaz buddy, this is a great picture! Can you tell me about it?"
The boy "Well, it is our house."
Momma "Ok, I got that *giggle* but why does it have wheels?"
The boy "Those aren't wheels, silly. Those are bushes"
Momma "Oh, ok. Got it. So I understand the bushes, the house, the grass, the sky and the chimney...but who is this in the attic?"
The boy "That is you, mommy!"
Momma "So why am I in the attic??"
The boy "Because you are the boss of the house, so you go at the top of the house"
Momma "Genius."

His interpretations of our family.
Once he learned how to write his brother's name, he wrote it on every piece of paper he came across. Hundreds.. I mean hundreds of times.
I am not sure what the first one is but I LOVE the motorcycle. Pretty good, huh??
The picture and the words have zero correlation but I love the colors.
This came home in his Valentine's day artwork group. I just love that this is what he decided he loves the most. So very true.
One Sunday I was reading the paper, when the boy asked for some scissors and tape. This is quite normal in our house and he is always making something, so I didn't think much of it. Then he brings me this. This is his birthday list, straight from the Toys R Us  & Target circulars. Now while I think this is quite genius and I will probably have him do this for Christmas next year, this was done in around in March and his "list" was limited to what was shown in the circular. If I asked him today.. this would never be his list.
That would be a rocket, a "spiderman" and a dude on a boat. Yep, imagination folks!
His fall, "Thumpkin" patch. Too cute.
A hotel and a sunset.
Cuteness. Love him!
This was for Father's day. I may have cried just a little. So sweet!
This is our house in the fall, complete with apple tress and a jack-o-lantern.
I loved when he started drawing people so when he drew "Daddy holding a pig" I had to keep it on the fridge for a very long time. I tried to get to the bottom of WHY Daddy was holding a pig but I never got it out of him.
Last Fall, Chaz's school offered an art class and with his love for art, we couldn't really say "no"  These are a few of the pieces that came home with him. For the first one they were given the pieces and part and were asked to recreate a piece of art. I love this one!
Easter Flowers.

I love his caption to this one. When I asked him what it was all he said was "It is use telling Daddy to drive slow."
More family
Painting from school
Copying words from a book and some school papers. Love this. I hope I always remember his "little boy" writing.
He learned this the first day and always remembers the words. It really makes my heart smile that he knows this.
"He has on a REALLY big hat!"
Flowers in pots. Cuteness
"My eyes"
Yes, that is a monkey.
His answers to things like this always make me laugh.
This isn't something Chaz did but I wanted to remember it as it is from a friend who moved away. Sweet Nigel made this card for Chaz's birthday. Man, I miss that kiddo!
This is "my house" as he sees it. There are those apple tree again. No, we don't have apple trees. The road and a mountain-- pretty accurate, more trees, birds, Chaz and Dane, a rainbow and a car.
This one was later in the year, nice fish!
He loves to create pictures and use his stickers for the characters.
And Wrigley made it into the family photo. I also love that he added some butterflies. Pretty good butterflies if I do say so myself.
A rocket ship flying over a firehouse. Well, duh.
More of the names. He really loves to write their names.
Rainbows and an airplane.. oh and that is Dane and Wrigley.
More rocket ships, more firehouses, more cars and more trees. I love his trees.
A donkey or a dog.. maybe a dog. I haven't a clue.
He started to get very particular about his drawings.. LOTS of color and straight lines.
Some sad faces.. He was obviously in trouble that day
LOTS of flowers, some people and some butterflies!!
Chaz and Dane.
More Chaz/Dane, more rocket ships, more people. There are clear themes
One of my favs.
A barn with some of those "siller" things. Yes, a silo.
The best two are some of my favorites. He was so very proud of himself!
Yes, that is a monster. A very scary one!
This was his Fathers day card to his daddy.
This came home from school one day. Obviously that is Santa, his sleigh and reindeer. There is an elf on the top of the North Pole -- clearly he thinks this is a thing instead of a place. We will have to fix that. There is a Christmas tree with a beautiful star... and something that may or may not be on fire. I guess I should have asked about the structure to the right..
Another Christmas tree, complete with presents.
Letters that turn into people.. He has the attention span of a 5 year-old.
These make me giggle. The top one is his daddy, with big ears. His words, not mine.
Next, a dog. And a pretty good dog at that!
This is a larger view of the picture below the daddy pic. This is our house on the hill. To the left you will see his awesome trees, Daddy driving our car--in a bubble, birds, the sun and our family. I love it!

This is how you draw toy people. He told me they weren't real people but instead, toy people. Ok, makes sense to me. The look toyish..
and stickers.. we LOVE stickers!!
I really love this post. It makes me so happy to be able to capture what he puts on paper. While some are better than others and I really should put them in proper order to show the progression, I love it. I will do this again next year, maybe more frequently and in better order. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this post!!

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