Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mason's 5th birthday // September 2012

When we got this invite in the mail, we knew we were in. I mean seriously, how could you not want to go to a party with an invitation THIS cute?? That is a real feather BTW. My mind started racing with the thoughts of other crafts and treats that were going to be at this party. I think I was more excited than the boys.
 Allison (Mason's momma) did not fail to impress on the party. The treats were adorable and the party had wonderful activities and atmosphere
Little Mason and Chaz have birthdays within a week of each other and have a great time when they are together!
His mother is uber creative with her parties--Last year we had capes and other super hero activities. This year it was face paint!! A friend's wife is a phenomenal face painter. I mean seriously, check this out. BTW, I think this is the most still I have ever seen Chaz sit. He was so excited to get his face painted, this included patiently waiting in line for 20 minutes. Amazing.
Look at the excitement on his face. All he could say is "Look at my snake face. I look SO cool!!:
Baby boy had his own bit of fun crawling around on the ground and riding in the cart.

They had a killer obstacle course set up. I think Chaz ran it 50 times!
 C- "Momma, did you get a picture of my snake face?" 
Me- "Yep, sure did. Multiple times"
C- "I think you need to take some more and then show me"
Me- "Sure, why not"
The results.
And then it was cake time.. To say Mason was excited may be an understatement.
And he loved it too!!
Chaz wasn't terribly interested in the cake but rather getting back to the face painting table.
This time he decided on a shark.. with glitter. Why not?
Sweet big brother wanted to take little brother on a walk... little brother was a wee bit resistant.
But he finally gave in.
Allison painted this adorable tepee. I had a great vision of my littlest sitting in front of the tepee just looking adorable. Yeah, this is what I got.
They also had a necklace making table. We spent a long time at said table and he was so proud of his creation.
and his feather headband.
They also had warrior anklets.. I think that is a bit of an oxymoron but he thought it was cool
Birthday boy!!
Sweet baby boy!!

Mason, you are a sweet little guy and we are so happy and blessed to have you in our lives (your mom, dad and sister aren't too shabby either) I hope we get to enjoy many, many more birthdays with you!!!
BTW.. Thanks for the great time. You know you have had a rockin' party when this happens 5 minutes after leaving.

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