Friday, September 30, 2011

Day of parties! Mason and Aiden turn 4!!

And we are there.. We have made it to the days where we have multiple birthday parties in one weekend. (Friends, not family.. we have been there with family for a few years :)  This weekend we had multiple parties in one day!! We knew it would be a long day but this is one of the best things about being a parent of a little guy and having friends that have little ones the same age.

We have been friends with Mason's parents, Allison and Paul, for several years now. Our little friend Mason's birthday is a little less than a week after Chaz's. He is just adorable and sweet as pie!! His momma had a great idea to have a super hero themed birthday party. She made capes for all the kiddos-- with some help from her mother and mother-in-law.  AND I got the A-Ok from Allison to let Chaz wear his Spiderman costume to the party. Yep, mother-of-the-year award!! Are they not just adorable?!?
The backyard was set up for the kiddos to just run around and play! They have a great swing set and rented a Spiderman bounce castle. All the kiddos ran around like crazy!!
Oh, I got bonus points by letting Chaz bring his new "web shooter thing" he bought with his birthday money. He was very, very good at sharing with the other kiddos. Zero meltdowns...unheard of!!
The birthday boy thought it was very cool!!
BOUNCE CASTLE!!! The kids (small and big (The dads got in on the fun)) wore this thing out!!
Cake time. What an adorable little family!
Will chowing down on some cake.
Not sure what this face is about, but I love it :)
Mason's little sister Aubrey, sporting her cape. Super cute!!
We had such a blast at Mason's birthday party. Afterwards, Chaz kept saying "Mason is my new best friend!!" 

We left Mason's party and rushed back to Fayetteville in hopes to catch the majority of Aiden's birthday (they overlapped a little) Aiden is one of Chaz's friends from school. His birthday was at ChuckECheese and Chaz was beside himself with excitement!!

As soon as we made it to the table the boys were off to play games. Chaz headed to his favorite game, Dog Pounder.
There is the birthday boy -- to the left.
Chaz and his daddy had fun playing a ton of different games. This was a roller coaster. There was a screen above the game where you could see the riders, it made me giggle.
Then it was time for cake and pizza!! Happy birthday Aiden!!

And then it was back to the games.
Aiden, Chaz and Hayden ran around like three little peas in a pod.
Once we got them into this giant monster truck we could not get them out. Aiden had a cup of tokens and kept pumping them in the ride. Chaz said "Don't worry momma. Aiden has a ton of money!!!!"
Ryan just had to get in the hamster wheel. I think he earned a total of 3 tickets and worked up quite the sweat doing so!
We had a quick trip on the pony. The adults could not figure out how to work the thing but the kiddos kept pumping in the tokens!!

Happy Birthday Aiden!! Thanks so much for having us. Chaz (and momma/daddy) had a blast!!!
It was a long day, but it was a fun day!

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