Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Randomness

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go with August Randomness!!!
I love following this little guy around and seeing what he is discovering! I usually don't follow with a camera but I do get down on the ground and see it from his perspective. Amazing. He is growing so fast and is into EVERYTHING!!! He loves his brother's toys and for the most part, brother shares. 
He discovered the central vac system. Funny thing is, after this day, he never returned to the site.
Every year, on the anniversary of his passing, we release balloons for my late Papa. Chaz has come to love this tradition and I love that this day, as well as others throughout the year, I get to tell him stories of this amazing man. We miss him terribly but choose to remember his smile and tenacity! He was a spitfire and I think he left a little bit of that with my boys.  Last year and the year before.
In case you are not paying attention, the balloons made a cross this year. And yes, we have an extra one, I have no idea why.. I just bought one more this year for some odd reason.
The hubs had to "pour a little out" for my Papa. They were very close.
I bought a little box of water balloons in the highly recommended $1 aisle at Target........and Chaz found them. His daddy was sweet enough to entertain the water balloon idea while I cleaned the house and put the baby down for a nap. Chaz was pumped to say the least.
Yes, they went through the ENTIRE box. I wish I would have looked at the qty. I figure it was at least one hundred!
Did I mention the BOYS did this....alone?!?! And with that, he looses his clothes.
I won't share all the blackmail pictures I have for my first son's wedding but I will share this beauty. Chaz was shaking his booty at his daddy and kept saying "You can't get me. You can't get me. Hahahaha" Well, he did... SMACK, right on the booty!!! (notice the ripple through his skin, this was a zinger!)
I love that Dane is now big enough to play with his older brother. Usually, they play well together but I will say Chaz is starting to get annoyed with his little brother. Dane is a little territorial and like most one year-olds, he wants his hands on everything!!
If you know me, you probably know I have worked at the same company for almost eleven years. That is a long time for my little 34 years of life. I think my favorite thing about where I work is the people, hands down. They are amazing. I have made (and lost) some great friends over the years. Saatchi & Saatchi X has always been a very family oriented place. This month, they planned an outing to the local minor league game. It was a great time.
My little guy hugged up on one of his (and my) favorite people, Sarah. He loves her and I think she is a little infatuated with him as well. I don't think she let go of him all night.
This goofy little guy joined us too. This was his trick of the day (he has been able to do this for years now but for some reason he wanted to show everyone this day.) Yes, it is hereditary.
Yes, this is how we keep him occupied most of the time. From the looks of restaurants, Target, WM, doctor's office, etc. ... I am not alone.
Sarah was nice enough to let Dane see if her phone case was slime proof.....and drop proof.... and baby proof.
He did decide to zonk out for a little bit. Thanks to his daddy for lugging around the deadweight.
By the end of the game he was exhausted.. so into the stroller with the iPhone he went! We had a great time and the boys were well out before we were even out of the parking lot.
This probably should have gone at the beginning of the Vacation blogs but it looks like it got lost in randomland. Anyways, this is what the car looks like when you pack it for a week vacation with two little guys.We were packed full!!
Probably one of my favorite Instragram photos of the year. I really think I will do a full blog of my Instagram photos. I just love them SO much. This day the baby was snuggled up on me, which he never does because he is ALWAYS on the move, and his brother was just smitten with him.!!
One of my friends posted this on FB and I almost peed my pants. Yes, this is probably the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Yikes!
Ryan and I celebrated our 11th anniversary this year. It fell  the day after we returned from our vacation and we were all SO tired. In true form for a family with two youngsters, we went to dinner together, had a beer and then off to bed. Happy Anniversary!!
And number one on the Billboard charts! Chaz ~ Call me Maybe
I LOVE our neighborhood for so many reasons, one of which is the incredible sunsets we get to enjoy!
When I discovered the littlest in the living room climbing around his is ride-on, I knew he was up to something. I mean, look at that little devilish grin.
Yep, I am a pretty smart momma. Little mover!!
First doughnut hole? Yes, please!
Bedtime story with Momma! I heart this kiddo!
I picked up the kiddos one afternoon and I heard "Momma, I LOVE the taste of the air" coming from the backseat. I looked back to see this. Again, love this boy!
More air tasting, later in the day..I wasn't driving and videoing.
Why would we build a train track on the train table when we can build one on the floor???

Sleeping babies may be one of my favorite things in the world.
Ryan sent me this one morning with the caption "We were running a little late for school this morning... The city needed to be built!!"
ESPN Gameday and breakfast. Yep, he is a Hill!
The other boy decided it was breakfast and computer time... Yep, he is a Hill!
"I am not your circus trick!!"

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