Thursday, August 18, 2011

You are missed..

It has been six years since my Papa passed away. I have to say, I think I miss him more and more everyday. It doesn't get "easier" but it has become part of life that he is gone from this Earth. He is 100% here in spirit. I sense him around all the time. Every year on the anniversary of his passing, we release red balloons. Red was his favorite color and he ALWAYS wore it on Fridays in support of the troops. He would also scold you if you didn't do the same, which isn't really a bad thing, right? :)

I wish Chaz would have had the opportunity to meet this special man but I am blessed that I am here to tell him the stories of my Papa. He was confused at first as to why Mommy had a Papa and where he was. But over the years I think I have done a pretty good job at helping him understand.

This day comes a week after Papa's birthday and two weeks after his wedding anniversary, so the beginning of August is obviously very hard on our family. However, I have to say, when August 17th comes it feel like a weight is lifted when the balloons are released. It isn't so much of "Ok, another year down..." but rather "Yes, smiles. THAT is what he would have wanted"  I think having a happy 3 year-old around also helps!    Oh, and don't get too distracted by my son's outfit. He is dressing himself these days and some days are better than others.
My parents and brother were in Florida so we decided to send some up for them. We also sent one for Dane.
and as always we were on the phone with my parents and the rest of the fam in Bentonville.
Again, this tradition brings a smile to my family at the end of a long few weeks. It is such a blessing to have everyone so committed to doing this every year. And a cute little boy beside me along the way..

We miss you very much Papa!

You must look back at last year's post as the pictures are so similar it is a little weird.

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