Sunday, July 1, 2012

The boys turn 4 // 2012

I know, I say it every time someone has a birthday but I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! The twins are FOUR!! Shocking, I know.  The time passes way too fast! We were here just a year ago. Again, shocking!  For a short period of time we will have 4 four year-olds in the Hill family. Wowza!

The kiddos celebrated the day with a pool party. Thankfully, Ryan was able to take Chaz to the party as it was smack dab in the middle of the week in the morning. I was working but luckily Ryan was in the area so he just pulled Chaz from school and let him join in the fun!

The kids had a blast. Chaz talked about it for days and actually hasn't stopped talking about the birthday cake. I guess I am going to have to look into one just like it for his birthday.
That weekend we headed to the Clawson's for a family celebration for the boys. ALL the kiddos are infatuated with superheros right now so it only seemed appropriate that the them was super heros. Mah came through with the cake making. Her skills are amazing! One cake for each boy!
Do you know hard it was to keep all these little hands out of multiple cakes? An Olympic event should be created for kid hand swatting. These mommas would win, hands down!

Poor Ben got attacked by the crazy hair puller.
The boys were pretty pumped to blow out their candles. I was just praying that my oldest didn't jump in and try to blow out the candles. Yikes!
This one was ready!
He was so good. just sat there and watched as the boys enjoyed blowing out their candles. I love how he is so stinkin' sweaty. He played outside for a bit and looks like he has been running a marathon.

Oh remember the Olympic event?? Yeah, maybe we only got silver.. Who thought the littliest guy would be the stealth ninja?!?!?
Solid mess.
Obviously, we had to have a quick clothing change. I thought I was never going to get the blue out of that onesie!
And then it was time for presents. Chaz decorated the present himself for the boys. So sweet!
Of course everyone wanted to help with the opening all the presents.

As the boys were opening presents we quickly began to realize that Brandon was making a stockpile of gifts. He would add to it and then look around the room to make sure no body was going to get his gifts. Love this kid!
Chaz explaining something, who knows. He tends to explain everything. I know he comes by it honestly (this is something I do) but it is quite possibly the funniest thing to watch a four year-old explain everything!
Sweet rain boots!
and a sweet little half-dressed little girl trying to sport the new boots. Cutey!!
After receiving this gun/sword thing, Brandon would not put it down. My guess is it was far too important to leave in the stockpile. I mean, who can blame him. Have you seen how many cousins he has??? They, along with his brother, may get their grubby paws on his new toys.
and then came the big gifts from Mom and Dad! New big boy bikes!!
They were both so pumped!!
Yeah, not putting down the gun/sword thing. Ever..
Shenanigans between four year-olds
With a side of two.
What a fun birthday for two incredibly fun, sweet, amazing, smart, adorable and precious little boys!! We are so lucky and blessed to have you in our lives. You have changed our lives for sure (for the better!!) and can't imagine it without both of you little spunky fellows! We look forward to the year ahead!

Happy 4th Birthday Ben and Brandon!!!

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