Monday, July 4, 2011

Two more 3 year-olds--OH MY!!

Yep, the title is correct. We now have FOUR 3 year-olds in our family. WHAT?!?!?! AND they are all boys!! WHAT?!?!?!?

These little cuties turned 3 a few weeks back and we couldn't be more thrilled to know that they are such great kiddos. It seems like just yesterday I was writing the blog for their FIRST and SECOND birthdays. I simply can't believe these sweet things are 3 --I guess it is time for that sweetness to go away, HA!!

As you can see their birthday party was at little gym--which I LOVE (this will likely be where we have Chaz's birthday ...1) it is fantastic 2) I will be 90 months pregnant and can't pull of the extravaganza of last year!)
I really, really love this place. The people are fantastic and keep the kiddos interested with all kinds of activities. Like BUBBLES!!

What is better then a BIG blur? equals 3 year-old happy goodness :)
And then it was time for a fan favorite.. the parachute.
The birthday boys each got a turn to sit in the middle as all of the party people walked around them and sang "Happy Birthday" Chaz kept telling me "Yep, I get to do that on MY birfday"

Of course, we brought Uncle Mike Mike along so there was going to be some chaos. I mean everything was going great until they got out the bouncing balls....then all heck broke loose..

Sweet, Sweet big sister!!

As you can tell this was one of the "favorite" activities. The kids thought they were SOOOO big to be able to do this. I kinda agree. I thought at least one or two would fall on their head.. but nope, no injuries.

What? You didn't know the proper way to carry a one year-old? Well, there you have it. This lesson was brought to you by Cameron.
and the every lasting #1 favorite activity....SMACK THE CAKE!!! I actually got some great shots... Anna, Campbell (with a side of Mike's bum.. I had to include this as it is her first official "Smack the cake" , Ben, Chaz, Brandon ...and the combo Ben/Brandon shot!

They did this activity as well, which was a new one for us.. And I am not sure the kids were fans.. Needless to say, it didn't last very long.

We are missing one of our little 3 year-olds but I still love this. They are just so big! *tear*

Remember in the vacation blog how I mentioned Chaz now loves to look through the camera? Well these would be his own personal creations. It was hilarious. Chaz kept saying "Jackson, smile. I need you to smile so I can take a GOOOOOOD picture" Well done, buddy!

I have to tell you, as many times as I have seen them do the giant blow up bouncy thing I have never seen the kids get down and still this fast. I think they were running low on steam by this point.
But when the thing was blown up.. it was time to BOUNCE!!!

I love this shot.. All the big kids are down and waiting for the thing to deflate. .. but if you look closely you will see the one year-old still running around like crazy. Go Campbell!
They were all walking zombies by cake time. But Ben and Brandon mustered up enough energy to blow out the candles. I am pretty sure my little guy was out before we hit the highway.

The next weekend was their actual birthday so we celebrated with lunch at the Clawson house. Sadly, I didn't even get a picture of Ben. What the heck? I guess I was a little off my game this day.
Yes, some little hands made some quick destruction of Buzz's head.
Uncle Mike Mike got a vistor to his lap.... and his dessert. She LOVED it...obviously!

Ryan was a wee bit of a bad influence.. He kept smashing Anna's hand in the cake.
She thought it was hilarious and was giggling out of control!!
and was very quick to tell her mom what was REALLY going on.
Yeah, that would be icing all over her fast. Excellent uncle skills, Ryan!
Happy birthday to two of my favorite boys. You guys are such a blessing to have in this family. You keep life fun and everyone on their toes! I can't wait to see what 3 brings!


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  1. sniff! My babies are Big Boys now! Thanks for the awesome blog!