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My project // Father's Day 2012

Yes, I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on posting this but better late than never, right?
I always wanted to do a Shutterfly book and I have several friends who live and die by these things. It really is "so me" but I have just never found the time to do one. Well, this year I did and trust me this will not be my last. I am actually thinking of converting the boy's baby books into Shutterfly book.. Well lets be honest 1) Poor Dane doesn't even have a baby book yet.. I wrote everything down, just no book and 2) I have discovered that Chaz's book is quite cheesy.. lame momma move 3) bring on the Shutterfly gift cards for Christmas/Birthday! I have a LOT of work to do!!
Back to the post at hand. I always struggle on what to get the Hubs for Father's day. I have had some good ones but this year, I really wanted to do a photobook from the boys. If you think this is a cheesy idea then just stop reading now and wait for the next post. It is an awesome idea, thank you!
Addressed with all the names of the guy they call Dad.
"We just wanted to give you a little something to show you how wonderful we thing you are! Here are just a few words that we think describe you best...AH-mazing, wonderful, silly, brilliant, stinky, superb, magnificent, fantastic, strong, teaching, caring, smart, tender, kind, energetic, crazy, loving, funny, compassionate, hilarious, witty, entertaining, sharp, goofy, clever, cute, true, tough ... we could go on and on and on and on. Above all we just want you to know you are PERFECT!!!" Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy on the planer! We love you!!

The next page was dedicated to Chaz. On the left, I asked him a ton of questions about his daddy and on the right, his artwork of our family.
Left side: all by Chaz, all totally unassisted.
My daddy is 20 years old:
His hair is black and his eyes are green/blue and there are a hundred.
My daddy likes to wear girl clothes (bahahahahaha!!)
He loves to eat meat.
He is smart because he is the Hulk.
Daddy always tells me what to do.
It makes me happy when he makes me feel better by cleaning me up.
If we could go on a trip, we would go fishing and we would take a toolbox.
I really love it when  my dad builds stuff.
If I could give my daddy anything it would be hug.
My favorite thing about daddy is he is super strong and funny.
He is a goofball, cheeseball, trashball
Likes when he plays in the pool with me
Likes to take daddy to Chuck E Cheese
Likes to go to Lowes
Taught me how to pet a puppy dog
Like to play with daddy
Taught how to play football
I love my daddy because he is SO special.
What makes him smile? When I do a flip or a ninja kick
What was daddy like as a little boy? CUTE
His drawing of our family. Stinkin' cute!
The next page was from Dane: All Dane--or kinda Chaz again. I told Chaz this was Dane's page and he had to help answer these questions for his brother. I started the sentence and he finished them, as if he was Dane.There were a few that I filled in, I only bolded Chaz's answers.
He is smart because he knows when I want food.
He is strong because he can hold Chaz AND Dane at the same time. 
He always makes sure I am giggling and happy.
He likes to toss me in the air when mommy is not looking
He makes me laugh when he dances silly
He likes to sneak up at night to hang out with me. 
He taught me how to walk like a puppet.
He is a blessing because he gets up with me at night. 
I really love when my daddy rocks me in my chair.
My favorite thing about my daddy is his smile.
He has managed to get all my diapers on my head and bottles in my mouth.
I love nesting next to my daddy in the morning (when brother will let me take his spot)
He is a master diaper changer.
He likes to dress me in sweet outfits. 
He prayed for me. 
 ~ From the brilliant mind of Dane (with some splashes of Chaz)

Pictures of my boys with their daddy on the day they were born. Nothing prepared me for falling in love with my husband all over again.....and again
"If you think my hands are full you should see my heart"
You teach us how to love, be smart and be silly.
"Fermember when we....................had a lotta, lotta fun" ~ Direct quote from the oldest boy. The pictures show some great memories over the last year or so. Chaz's first plane ride in Papa's plan, kayaking on vacation, arm wrestling at dinner, Naturals baseball game and Chuck E Cheese.
Obviously he has done a great job of teaching Chaz to be a Hog fan!!
Although watching Chaz's soccer probably wasn't Ryan's shining moment.... He had a few moments where he tried to be very encouraging.
You are our protector, our encourager.-- with a doctor's visit where Chaz got shots and catching a fish! 
You help us find our passion -- if you don't know, Chaz is an amazing artist and his daddy has always been so encouraging of this gift.
You make us buddies!
You make us be crazy. This may be the biggest understatement in the entire book!
You make us smile. Nobody makes these boys smile like their daddy!
A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, past forgotten and the future worth living for....
We love you because you are awesome! Alongside are pictures from Chuck R Cheese, Touch a Truck, pool time and Chaz and the hubs lifting weights.
You make us cool, like you!
We are really glad you found this lady!
and that she is just as nutty as you!
The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your children smiling, and knowing that you're the reason behind that smile.  Let me tell you, I had quite the time getting these pictures. I absolutely love that the "we" is upside-down. It really wouldn't be us if it were perfect.
The hubs was very happy and surprised by this gift. I was very impressed with how lovely it was in person... but there was a hiccup. I gave this to the hubs while celebrating Father's day with my parents. My mom was reading it aloud to Chaz when I heard her stumble over her words. This wasn't like my mom so a little while later I looked back to the two parts where she stumbled. Low and behold not one but two TYPOS! I melted, totally melted. I had tried SO hard to make this book absolutely perfect and I failed. I was just sick to my stomach about it. The hubs was sweet and tried to sell it as "character" but I wasn't buying it. I emailed Shutterfly in hopes to get the book fixed for maybe some small discount. I knew it was 100% my fault but I figured what did it hurt to ask. Well come to find out, their 100% satisfaction guarantee promise actually covers EVERYTHING! Even my stupid typos! They told me to go in, make the edits and then submit my order with the provided offer code--BAM! Free new book with no typos!! AMAZING customer services and satisfaction policy! I will be giving them more of my business!!!

Happy Father's day Hubs! You are amazing!

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