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Soccer wrapup /// 2012

Game 3. It was on Mother's day and it was terrible. Poor buddy just wasn't feelin' it and the hubs forgot that the boy is four. Oh my! Chaz did what we knew would happen one day......he stood. He let people run by him. He let the ball simply roll over his toes. It was terrible, he was checked out.

The hubs made a last ditch effort to switch out the shin guards and give a bit of an..ummm..pep talk. Yeah, that is what we will call it. It didn't work. Why did it have to be Mother's day??!?!!
We did have a little amusement when Dah arrived with his lawn chair. Yes, they own the fold up, bagged, "emergency" chairs. We haven't a clue why Dah decided to channel 1986 and bring a lawn chair. But it was funny enough to get a picture.
After this week, I really didn't want to go back. I spent the rest of Mother's day in a funk and not very happy with the hubs. But I also refused to let Chaz's behavior be accepted. He had to return and he had to participate. We don't quit. No sir!

So, game five we were back. We loaded up the crew and headed to the field with a positive attitude (and maybe some threatening words to the hubs.. just maybe) Our regular cheering squad was in full force. Gaga, Papa, Meme, Mah, Dah and Sandra. We were ready!

The baby was his normal, adorable self. So pleasantly behaved and ready to watch his big brother play soccer
There was a less than stellar showing of kiddos so the coaches decided to just mix them all together.
I had a few concerns at the beginning that Chaz was going to repeat week 4 on us...I may have said a little prayer or two just to give him a little push.
and then Nigel showed up. Yep, the gang was back together. He loves this kid. They are a bit rough with each other but they challenge each other and they both want to win. I like the competitive nature Nigel brings out in Chaz.
Note: the two orange kiddos came to play with the yellow kiddos. There just were not enough players to have full teams.Chaz was up for first kick. Momma was nervous.
Then he was off! YEAH!! My boy is back! He was lightening fast and on his game. I think the other parents thought I was crazy for how much cheering I was doing but I didn't care. This momma was uberproud!!
He did really, really good! He stayed in the game, helped his teammates and didn't quit. Some of my action shots are not the best. I was cheering, clapping and trying to take pictures. I have far from mastered this. Maybe when he is playing football for the Hogs I will have this down :)
He had his few moments of rest but for the most part he played the entire game .. and played it well.

He took an elbow to the head and didn't even flinch. Yep, that is my boy!!
This team was GOOD. I mean they have all been playing together for several years but even so, they were really, really good.
Nigel was in the game and played really well too!
One thing that kept Chaz going was his daddy pouring water over his head. It was hot out there and this made him oh so happy. Nigel's dad was doing the same to him. Chaz thought it made them both so cool!
Back to the game. Our little orange buddies were quite the teammates. They were great and Chaz and Nigel got along with them both very well. Great teamwork!
Soaking wet. Some water, some sweat. He had such a blast this week and was so proud of himself. And that he should be! He played so good!
At the end of the game the coaches had them all come to the middle, put their hands in and yell "WE LOVE SOCCER!!" Too cute!!
I know these are a bit blurry but I love them. This is his weird, happy, confident walk and I love every stinkin' bit of it!
More water!
and some for the booty! Love this kid!
Final Game. Game 6. I gotta admit, I had high hopes. He had a terrific game five and he was so proud of himself. I was confident he could do it again. Papa and Shane had practiced some with him this weekend and he was VERY excited that Shane and Lisa were coming to watch him. I was too. I figured this would give him the one last boost the end the season on a high note. Oh course we had the regular cheering squad rolling along too! Mah, Dah, GaGa and PaPa.

Brother was ready to watch. Actually, he was ready to play. It took everything mom and I had to keep him off the field. He loves to crawl on and pick at grass. The texture doesn't bother him a bit!
The hubs tried to show off his soccer skills before the game. He never played soccer so I was actually impressed that he had any skills at all. My brother jumped in a bit to (he has played soccer before) but for some reason I didn't get a picture of him. Oops!)
They started team warm-ups and all was looking good. Chaz was happy, engaged and working the ball.
Brother even got to get in on the practice, playing goalie for a minute or two.
Before the game they gathered the kids together for the group photo. Although several of the kiddos were missing, it was Memorial Day weekend, it was still very cute.
Sy'ree, Chaz and Coach Katelyn were representing the Yellow Yaks. Yes, Yellow Yaks in case you forgot!
and then it got hot, really hot. Chaz started to look like this....and I began to panic. All I was thinking was "Pour some water on the kid! Remember last week?!?!" He wasn't having it.
Oh no. Please don't tell me this is happening again?!?! Are we going to sit? Are we going to pick grass? Are we going to play in the goal? Argh. Not the last game. Please buddy. Lets go out on top. Please!
Whoot! Whoot! He did! He as on like nothing else. He may have been better than the week before!
"Hmmmm, who's tail am I about to kick?!?!"  HA! I had to. Look at the look on his face. Pure awesomeness!!
On fire, I say!!
Why yes, that is three on one you see! And yes, that is the awesome green team I mentioned above. And yes, he is keeping control of the ball. And yes, he did score a goal. And yes, he is my son!

And yes, he is super proud of himself. And that he should be! Momma (and everyone else) was a little proud too!
More action shots.
I love this little one. She tried her best at all times and was super cute doing it!

Look at that face! He knew he was doing such a great job!
He played strong almost the entire game. You could tell the heat was starting to get to him towards the end.
Gotta be goofy every once and awhile.
and back to business. He was so into it! What a way to end the season!
It was in the upper 90s that day. I haven't a clue what the heat index was but if I had to make a guess it was at least 100. My momma was nice enough to take the baby and sit with the other mommas (and babies) under the big tree. Ahhhh shade!
He was very curious where his brother went. He even went over there to check it out. He loves that little one so, so much!
Back in the game. This little boy in green gave him a run for his money (he is amazingly good) but Chaz held his own. I was especially proud since this was just his first year playing. Some of the other kids have been playing for several years.
Great job buddy! We are all so super proud of you. You had your moments (both good and bad) but I could not be more pleased. This was your first year, your first organized sport. You stuck with it and didn't quit. You played very well and scored 7 goals for the season. Amazing job!!
On a side note: The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was Ryan's birthday (that will be a separate post) but part of his present was yellow duck tape. My Meme thought it was very appropriate given his behavior at the Mother's Day game. She made sure it was yellow to match the Yellow Yaks. We didn't have to use it, as the hubs decided to behave. However for giggles sake, I decided to see what it would look like......I think I might just keep the tape. HA! What a good sport!

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