Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Soccer // April 2012

We bit the bullet. We signed him up for soccer. I know, I know. He is four. I am in for it. I had to prepare myself-- He will cry. He will sit down and pull grass. He will kick someone in anger. He will tell me something hurts. He will think he can't do it. He will lose a game. He will score a goal. He will play good. He will win a game. All of it, he will do. Preparation is key.

The first game was rained out. We were all sick so it was fine by us (actually I was WAY more disappointed than anyone else in my family) and we moved on.

Game 2 (or 1, however you wanna slice it)  We went out and were prepared for the worst. He was pumped but somewhat skeptical. He had been coached and played some soccer at school but nothing to this degree. This was outside soccer, this was real. (His words, not mine)
Little people, little shin guards, little soccer balls, little cleats = cuteness.
and then we saw it. This kid has SKILLS!!
He was!

Before the game they do some fun warm-ups.
If you notice from the above there were only two people on his team this week. Chaz and Sy'ree were the only two. Nigel and Derrion were out of town.

One of the silly warm-up games was for the kiddos to pretend they were asleep while the coaches snuck up on them.
They practice kicking their own ball (or bob as they call it) up and down the field just to get used to the game.

This was during Dane's ear infection/pink eye illness so the terrible wind was just not working for him. I know you can't tell from the pictures above but the wind was terrible and it was really cold. My ears hurt so I knew his did too! Gaga was nice enough to travel to the other side of the field so the wind wasn't blowing in his ears. He still wasn't very happy about the whole thing.

Notice the cheering squad in the background? Yes, almost the entire family came to cheer him on! God love these people!!
And then it was game time peeps! This kid was awesome! He got in there and took full advantage of the ball. Amazing. Unfortunately, Sy'ree biffed it on her first kick so she decided she wasn't really wanting to play this day. That meant Chaz was a one man show. He was ready for the challenge! I was so impressed (and super proud) of my little guy! He had some mad soccer skills and scored FOUR goals!!! Yep, proud momma!
Pep talk with coach Katelyn.
Three on one.. Impressive!

and although it is terribly blurry, I had to share this.. The cry. It was inevitable. I haven't a clue what happened but he melted. A little pep talk and he was good to go!
And here is the cheering squad. They were freezing their butts off but they were there to support my little guy. Kelsey, Michelle, Papa, Sandra, Dah, Meme and Mah. Gaga and Alexis were on the other side of the field with Dane.
Alexis was sweet enough to wrap Dane up and walk him around to try and get him to sleep. Love her!
Knuckle bumps with the enemy? What a good sport!!
I love this. At the end of the game this little guy just plopped down on the field. He said he was tired and hit the ground. Hilarious!
Good job kiddos!!!!
Momma is so proud of you buddy!!! You were a star! FOUR goals is very impressive for a four year-old! you are an amazing little boy and for that we are blessed!

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