Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Welcome to the neighborhood!!

Finally! We have neighbors!!  To be fair we have always had neighbors. However, our neighborhood is pretty spread out so we never really interacted with the neighbors except for the occasional wave as they/we were walking the block. We have an awesome guy who lives next door but he really just gives us crap for our weed ridden lawn. His name is Louis and he is from Spain, but he is 60+ so he can't really kick it with the kiddos. 

It is SO nice to have some kiddos around Chaz's age so close. Not only do I love this family, I also love that I can send Chaz across the street while I do some things around the house. He is always so excited when he comes home and their garage is open because that means he gets to play. 

Our neighbor Brooke and her three tikes moved in a few months back. The boys quickly became friends and her two little girls just tend to follow them around. Her oldest is Miles and he is a sweetheart! Elli is the middle child. She is cute and ornery as hell. Taylor is the baby (she was at her Dad's house this night so you will just have to wait for pictures of her) and sticks pretty close to her mom. She is ok with me but not a fan of Ryan. It has become quite the joke.

This is Elli. She is a spitfire little redhead (you know how I love the redheads-- I can't wait for my momma to meet her) She loves to play with the boys, refuses to drive any of the ride-on toys. She makes the boys drive her and for this she is tagged "Miss Daisy"
Elli is a wee bit infatuated with Ryan. I think she may have a little crush!
This is Miles. He is calm and quite. MUCH different than Chaz. For the most part they get along great. They are boys though and every once and a while they get a little feisty with each other.
And this is Mac. He is a Labradoodle. If you know me you know I love animals but I am kinda like a grandparent and really love them at other people's houses. There is nothing wrong with pets, I am just so freakin' OCD that I can't stand the mess they bring with them. But Mac may change my ways. I love this dog. He is scrumptiously adorable and he DOESN'T SHED!! Really! I would like one that already had the "puppy" out of them but this is a dog I could have.  (note: Ryan, please do not go out and get me a dog. I am just saying "I could entertain this idea" not that I want to do it now)
Their new thing is to play newspaper carriers (or newspaper boys as Chaz likes to say)  They think it is a blast. Hey, whatever floats your boat!
This is the get-along-gang. I adore these little people. For the most part they are all smiles. As long as you don't tell them it is time to go inside for baths and bed. That is when the meltdowns begin. I mean, can you blame them? They have such a blast! (Notice Miss Daisy's placement in the back of the Rhino. Always the rider, never the driver)
I think he likes his new friends!
Yes, we do let the kiddos play in the street. Well not really in the street. We let them cross the street. They have been taught the rules and we make sure we put out the caution signs before unleashing the ma-ham. Miss Daisy wouldn't drive Chaz's Rhino home so I had to help her.
Ok so maybe I enjoy being a kid sometimes! Who doesn't?!?!?!

I see a rockin' Summer ahead!! Welcome to the neighborhood friends!!!

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