Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I heart Valentine's day and my boys! //2012

Our Valentine's day began the night before. As with every holiday, Ryan had to make chocolates. This holiday--red and pink hearts. I love that he does this for every holiday. The kids look forward to them and Chaz loves "helping" daddy. He gets to keep his new moniker, Marshall Stewart.
Hilarious.. Simply hilarious.
The next morning I had to rush to work as I had an early morning meeting. I put out the Valentine's day outfits and asked Ryan to make sure to get some good shots of the boys in them before they headed off to school.  The gems that I found on my camera are beyond priceless. I must share every one of them with you because they are that good... and by good I really mean hilarious!  It is more fun to roll through them (yes, they are in order) so I will not comment on each one but please take note of the this-is-how-you-get-your-little-brother-to-smile shot. Priceless.
Yep, told you.... that good.

I was able to leave work for a short time and attend the class party. Always a good time. Kids, sugar and chaos. Nothing better.
I swear I took 4 pictures of  this kiddo all the same, all exactly the same. Open your eyes kid!!
We even went into the baby room and brought Dane over to the party. All the kids in Chaz's class LOVE Dane.
I tried to get some better shots of the boys but Chaz wouldn't stop talking.. Imagine that.

I do LOVE this one..
I love going around the room and looking at all the work on display. When I came across this little one my heart simply melted. The other kid's papers said "Transformers" "Cake" "New crayons" etc... not mine, he loves his baby brother. Sweet!
He is getting very good at writing his name.(check the bottom)
I love Chaz's teachers. They are so crafty. How stinkin' cute is this??? They literally cut out the hand and folded the fingers down to make the sign. On a side note my 4 year-old knows about half of his letter in sign language.. Impressive. Thanks, Miss Andrea!
And this is one of their turtles. I forget his name. He is usually in the merky water but not today. Today he was large and in charge on the log. I just had to take his picture.
Ryan, as usual, decided to get all the kiddos amped up. They were already on major sugar highs so why not, right?? Dane was Karate kicking them in the face. Yeah, I know.. nice kid! All the big kids thought it was very, very funny!
Love this little nugget!
This thing is my favorite. As you are probably aware, Chaz is quite the budding artist. He paints, he draws, he is a man of many talents. Most recently, cutting paper. All sorts of little bits of paper, all over the house. Usually this drives be bonkers but not today. Today he came up with this beauty. What is it? Do you really have to ask? It is a giraffe. Can you see it now? He cut all the pieces and then taped them back together in the shape of a giraffe. All his classmates knew exactly what it was. He decided it was for Ms Andrea, his head teacher.
That evening my in-laws stopped by to bring some Valentine's day treats. LOVE THEM!!

Mine..I am not a chocolate fan but I can eat my weight in chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmm.
The boys got some toys, candy, a box of chocolate shapes tools, etc.

and then there was this. Yeah, so unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it right when we got it. By the time I took one on my way to work the next day it looked like this. Needless to say, Chaz was a wee bit miffed that his daddy had eaten well over half of his heart-shaped Rice Krispie Treat after Chaz went to bed. The thing was originally the size of the white paper underneath it. A good 8 inches in diameter. The demise didn't go over well. Shameful Ryan, shameful.
If you know me, you know I am a card gal. I love nothing better than to get a card on a holiday. I don't need anything else. Chaz has picked up on this and tells his daddy that he MUST get mommy a card. This my friends is my Valentine's day card, picked out by my four year-old. Booty shot! Love it! Ryan said Chaz didn't care a lick what the card said.. he just wanted the booty shot! I love this kid!
Happy Valentine's day peeps! I heart HEART day!!

A little bit of throwback.. 2011.. 2010 Valentine's Days

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