Monday, December 5, 2011

Jackson turns FOUR!

For Jackson's 4th birthday, Marcy and Cameron were brave enough to have a sleepover with all the cousins. Really.  This is all Chaz talked about for a week. He was so excited to go to Jackson's party and have pizza, a movie and a sleepover!!! We joined for dinner and presents.

As usual Chaz was right beside Jackson the entire time. He really enjoyed watching Jackson open his gifts.
Then Chaz spotted his gift for Jackson. He was pumped. We are at the age where we let Chaz pick out the gifts for his friends/family. As long as it is within reason, it is a go. I think it is extra special when he knows what he is giving and is excited with the thought of making someone else happy.  And what is super sweet is watching Jackson get so excited when he realizes that Chaz just got him one of the coolest Batman cars EVER!!!
We decided to give Dane his first bottle that night. My mom was going to be watching him the next night so we could go to dinner for my cousin's birthday so we needed to make sure he would take a bottle. Brandon decided he needed to help. He LOVES Dane, and all babies in general.
without a hitch! Good job, buddy!
Then it was time for cake. As mentioned in previous posts, Mah decided that this year she would make a cake for each of the grand kids. Jackson got superheros. Great job Mah!
Then the sugar highs started to hit. Glad we got to bail soon after.
All the kiddos were herded upstairs for a movie and more sugar. They were fantastic!!
According to Marcy and Cameron everyone did great and was passed out by 9:45. There are days where we are still struggling to get Chaz down at 9:45. Maybe we should send him for a sleepover every night. :)

The following Monday was Jackson's actual birthday and Marcy planned a fun time that morning.  Pizza and playtime for lots of Jackson's friends and cousins!

Oh, I may have failed to mention that there was an "incident" during the sleepover. We were still at Cam and Marcy's when we heard some MAJOR commotion in the form of multiple kids crying upstairs. I sent Ryan up to investigate. Next thing I hear is "Teresa!! We have an incident!!!!" I hear Chaz whaling as Ryan brings him downstairs and into the kitchen. When I rounded the corner I noticed under his eye was black and swollen. Uh oh, we are going to have a shiner.  According to Chaz he "jumped and Jackson's neck was in the way" Not his head, shoulder, back, etc... but his neck. I love four year old brains. He was fine after just a little snuggling and kisses. But this is what it looked like a few days later!  I think this picture is hilarious as he has pizza in his cheek making him really look like he got into a fight. Oh my!!
So back to the party. Jackson was so happy! And why wouldn't he be? He was finally four!
Ryan got some love from little guy Evan.
And the kiddos had a blast running and playing!
Yes, that is our blow up slide. Let me just say--Best.purchase.ever. We bought this thing over 2 years ago for $100. It has been used and used and used. Awesome purchase.
Even little Dane had a good time. His Aunt Meg held him almost the entire time so he was happy as could be!
 Then it was cookie cake time. How stinkin' cute is this??
 The kids sure liked it!
And of course, there was a photo booth. How fun!!!

Jackson, we adore you! You are such a wonderful little boy and we are so happy to have you in our lives. Thank you for being a great cousin and friend to our little guy. Chaz loves you as if you were his own brother (and I am sure Dane will be the same way) Happy birthday little man! Welcome to FOUR!!!!

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