Saturday, November 12, 2011

October randomness

Here we go folks, October randomness!!  And let me tell you, October was full of lots and lots of randomness.

This may be one of my favorite pictures of the month. While we were at Aiden's birthday Ryan decided I needed to get a picture taken of Dane... in from the sketch picture machine. Oh my! We always do this when we go to Chuck E Cheese but this is something else.... enjoy!
Ryan decided to build himself a tool bench. Not sure why he would do this just days before I was to give birth to Dane but I gotta say, he did a pretty good job!
We went to tailgate for one of the Razorback games. You would think I would have taken pictures of the boys playing football. Nope, not this day. This day was all about notebooks. Yes, notebooks. Remember the meltdown at the airshow? Well, while at Target one day Chaz decided he needed to get Jackson a notebook. This sounds super sweet right? I guess it is somewhat nice but he also had ulterior motives.. aka NOT sharing with Jackson anymore. Yes, this would be the behavior of a four-year old. God love him.
Jackson was none the wiser. He was super excited to get his very own notebook. Happy boy!
Let's call those hogs!!!
and back to the notebooks. Yes, a full day of notebooks.
I love these! We have been to multiple parties in the last few weeks and every goody bag had one. Who knew?
Chaz has a new Saturday morning cartoon buddy. Mom and Dad are officially knocked down the list!
One afternoon we traveled to Meme's hose so the boys could get their haircut and Michelle came by on her new motorcycle. Chaz was pumped!! Not only did he get to play around (and pose for momma) he also got to take a little ride around the neighborhood. He told Aunt Michelle to "go fast and scare us" Oh my, what am I in for??
Ryan LOVES to carve pumpkins but this year we decided against it. It is simply too big of a mess and we were a little preoccupied with the new baby. I did however purchase these really cool plastic pieces that you poke into the pumpkin to make Spiderman (think Mr Potatohead) Super cute!!!
The week after Dane was born we all gathered at Mah and Dah's to celebrate Dah's birthday---and the win over Ole Miss!! Note: I was a little tired so I only got a few pictures.
Random afternoon at my parents house. My dad has chronic neck issues and various contraptions for said issues (there really isn't another good word for it) Ryan decided to take a turn. Hilarious looking to me!
Chaz's little pumpkin he painted at school. Love!
I'm pretty sure Halloween is going to be my new Christmas.. as in decor. I found a great love for it this year and am already planning for next year. Thankfully my husband loves both Christmas and Halloween so he supports my habit :)

Wreath on my front door.

My dining room table.
My front porch

October was the month of birthdays. We started with Chandler's party at Boingo Bounce
And ended with Nigel's. Also, at Boingo Bounce. It is the place to be!
I am sure this is somehow illegal but he loves it. Yes, we let our four year old scratch off lotto tickets. Don't worry he hasn't won very much.......yet ;) But look at that concentration.. this is clearly noted by the protruding tongue.
Yeah, no words. This is my life.
A few days before Dane joined us, Ryan was nice enough to take Chaz to Build-A-Bear to have Chaz build Dane a Birthday bear. Chaz was SO excited!
I found a Ninja in my backseat and he stole my husband's sunglasses.

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