Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 boys + Air show = A good time!

As you know, my husband is an Air Force brat. He and his brother LOVE to go to airshows whenever and wherever they may be. I think the one for October 2nd has been on my husband's calendar for a good 9 months. I didn't have an issue with him going as long as I wasn't in labor :) And it was in Fort Smith, so it was just 45 minutes away. Oh, and it gave me a free afternoon to myself!

Sunday I sent the boys on their way around lunchtime. Ryan, Chaz, Cameron and Jackson all headed out for a fun afternoon of airplanes!

I, of course, sent my camera along for the ride and I have to say.. they did a really good job of capturing the day!
Below is Chaz taking a picture of Jackson..
And Jackson taking a picture of Chaz..
I didn't even realize that airshows had bouncy houses and slides at an airshow.. but I guess they do!
And now for the 1000 (kidding) airplane pictures. I just have to post them 1) because they are cool 2) because my hubs played pretty good photographer for the day. I'm impressed :)
From what I understand this was the one and only meltdown  of the day (and I LOVE that my hubs took a picture of it. You just have to have a sense of humor in these situations) You see, I bought Chaz a little $1 Phineas and Ferb notebook a few months back. This was part of his art supplies we gave him for his birthday. He loves this thing, it is his woobie.  Well, from what I understand Jackson wanted it.... And they both melted about it. I have heard bits and pieces of the story but here are a few facts 1) Chaz's meltdown was so colossal that he ended up on the ground, Jackson remained in the stroller as he threw his 2) Jackson got the notebook at one point and according to Chaz, wrote in it--although there is no evidence of said event. 3) Ryan made the tragic parenting mistake of taking the book from Chaz and giving it to Jackson. Epic fail! 4) Chaz ended up taunting Jackson with the notebook. I don't know if this was before or after said meltdown 5) Chaz has determined that we now need to write his name on his notebook so "none of his other cousins can use it"  I guess the kid has to have a few things that aren't shared.
Now, back to the planes.
Then the kiddos (yes, all four of them) got to go inside the planes. Kids in candy stores, I say!
I mean look at these faces.. Could they be any more excited???
And now it is time for the cheesy (yet ever-so-cute) posers. I heart when they pose together because, as Chaz says, they "give neck hugs." How stinkin' sweet is that?!?!  They are 100% boys. They have all out meltdowns and then are hugging on each other a short time later. Love these two!!
I'm not totally sure what this picture is, but I love it. I have a feeling one of the boys got a hold of my camera and snapped this show. I like to believe it is all the boys. I wasn't there so I totally made that up. :)
and the feet. Gross. Ryan brings this Pigpen of a kid home to me and this is what curls up on the couch. How the heck did a kid with shoes and socks on get his feet this dirty?? Oh yeah, that bouncy house that I didn't realize existed at airshows.  I have a feeling these dirty feet are a good gauge of a great day!

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