Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August Randomness

My random August begins with one of my favorite sights.. Army men. Over a hundred little green army men. Chaz lined them up around my area rug in the living room. We were instructed NOT to touch them or "mess them up."  Yes, sir!  This lasted for well over a week. I insisted we pick them up when the housekeeper came. Sorry, army men but this is one of my few remaining luxuries. Up until that point, if one fell over, we got blamed....and scolded. I let go of my OCD and loved every minute of it!!!
My sweet husband knows he doesn't have to get me anything for anniversaries, birthdays, etc.. but if he gets me flowers, I am a really happy camper.
August 11th we celebrated 10 years of marriage. I have to say, it has been the best 10 years of my life. We have been through many happy times, sad times and a few little miracles (Chaz and Dane)  We have both learned, this year more than any other, that we have to work at this thing called marriage. It isn't easy but we are in it for the long haul. I appreciate him more and more everyday. We really are made for each other. I am wound at little too tight at times and he is WAY too relaxed at times, but we balance each other very well. We try our best to enjoy life to the fullest and not let any obstacle get in our way. We have grown a lot through the years. Heck, we started dating when we were 19 years-old, got married when we were 23! I don't think that really happens anymore. I am really glad we waited many years (6 to be exact) before having children. This gave us both time to get used to each other. I have accepted the fact that he will always put wet towels on the bed (needles in my eyes!!!) and he must learn that as OCD as I am, I almost never close my underwear drawer. At times I joke that I am currently raising two boys--which I am-- but he really is the best father to our little guy. It is true that you never really understand how much you love your husband until you see how much he loves your child.  When he is being a pain his mom often reminds me "You picked him!" I get a chuckle out of this because at that moment I may want to toss him out a window but in the end, yes, I did pick him and it was the best decision I have ever made. We have enjoyed many wonderful years. We have suffered tragic loss. We have learned to lean on each other for support and strength. He is my rock, my laughter, my love.  We both love the Cubs, Cowboys and Razorbacks. No matter how bad our teams are we never jump off the wagon. We can watch a terrible movie, say it "wasn't that bad" and then shamelessly recommend it to our friends (Sorry Izzy and Sally) We love our boy (soon to be boyS), our family and just living life. He is my best friend and always will be. Happy 10th, Honey. Maybe next year we can take a trip to celebrate. I am not sure toes in the sand and a cold drink in my hand was in the stars--I was kind of busy brewing a baby this year!

We live very close to Drake Field which is where all the military planes fly in, do touch and goes, etc. Anytime a military plan flies over, Ryan and Chaz hop in the car and head to Drake Field. Chaz has definitely inherited his dad's love for planes. This day they met Marcy and Jackson to see the airplanes. The boys LOVED it!!
I mean for real? Could they be any cuter??

This month has been pretty rough for this preggo momma. Yes, you are reading this right. There is NOTHING wrong with your eyes. AND for those who think I took this after my car sat in a parking lot all day... nope, this was after a good 30 minutes of driving around. It was real..UGH!!

With that, I have to give my husband massive props. He was wonderful at letting me stay home in the cool air conditioning and taking the boy out to have fun. Yes, it was probably a little too hot for him as well but I know they stayed well hydrated. This night was no different. Ryan decided to take Chaz to the Arkansas Naturals baseball game. They met up with some friends and had a blast. I was lucky enough to get these few pics from the hubs.
Another reason I love modern technology... I don't have to miss a moment when I head off for an early morning meeting and my little one decides he needs a good shave. Yes, much better in person but this is a close second.

I love, love, love where we live. It is up on top of a huge hill in east Fayetteville. Every morning and evening I see 8-10 deer when I come up the hill. They just sit there and let us look at them. This year we actually have babies!! So exciting!
Our football team suffered a major loss when Junior running back Knile Davis went out for the season with a broken ankle. One of my facebook friends came up with this little chart to visually describe what this could do to our running game.  Thanks Bryce!
One afternoon I was playing with Chaz upstairs and I hear "Hey mommy, look at us. We are napping!" He had taken all of his Imaginext
We added more furniture in Chaz's room this month.. a desk. He was beside himself with excitement. He knew that while he was at school his Daddy would be putting his desk together, so when he got home I literally could not get him out of the car fast enough. He went running down the hall as soon as I opened the back door. He look at it, screamed in excitement and then ran to his Daddy's office. He can back with a pen cup, paper, double stick tape and a stapler. "Daddy, has to share his stuff"  Ummmm. Ok, for now.  We then went around the house and gathered all the things he wanted to put in his desk. The appropriate things to put in a desk. Crayons, construction paper, washable markers, coloring books, etc. He decided the top drawer was for paper, the middle drawer was for writing utensils and the bottom drawer was for "done work."  Everyone who has entered our house since then has received the tutorial of what each drawer holds and how to properly use the desk. Whatever you say, little man.
After his first flight in Papa's plane we relaxed with a little game of Candyland. This kid knows what is up, as soon as someone would draw a card that would move them forward 20+ spaces he would decide that he wanted to be that color. "It isn't cheating, it is just changing"
and as usual we ALWAYS have to swim at Gaga and Papa's house. This would be Papa "teaching" Chaz how to flip. He wasn't the biggest fan.
And this is how we headed home. Did we have clothes? Yes. Did we want to wear them? No.  Underwear, check. Co-pilot hat, check. Too cool sunglasses, check.
The next day he was so excited to tell the kiddos at school about his plane ride. He wanted to make sure he was wearing the proper attire--Co-pilot hat and Pilot in training shirt--good choices!
So, every week I take a picture of my belly. I then put these in a book with the picture on the right side and a little story of the week on the left side. I did this for Chaz and I just love to look at it.. He recently discovered his little book and thinks it is very, very cool. Anyways, this week my picture had an intruder. :)

Happy random August!!

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