Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Up, up and away!!!

I knew the day would come. My son would want to fly in the plane with his Papa. Actually, he has been asking me about this for quite sometime but my dad wanted to get me up there first. I did my ride in July so I knew the boy would probably do his before the end of the summer. Dad and I talked about it A LOT! I have never been nervous about my dad's flying abilities, there could be no safer hands. I am just simply terrified of flying and everything that surrounds it. But, I had to give in at some point.  I cannot let my fear of something keep Chaz (or future kiddos) from experiencing all life has to offer.

Dad was nice enough to come pick me up for the baby shower so we didn't have two cars in Bentonville. During our drive this was a topic of conversation. I told him that I was ok with it as long as it was a 100% perfect day..... well, the next morning was just that. 100% perfect.   We were all standing in the game room when dad asked Chaz if he wanted to go flying with Papa and Daddy. I thought my mom was going to pass out. Not that she cared, she just wasn't privy to our conversation the day before and didn't know what my reaction would be. I just grinned as the boy jumped for joy. He was beside himself with excitement. 

Mom and I followed them to the airport to take pictures (are you shocked??!?)  Chaz talked about his plane ride the entire way there. I am telling you, this boy was ready!
I wish this picture wasn't blurry BUT it is WAY too cute not to include.
Chaz immediately climbed in and starting "being pilot"  I was, of course, worried he would hit a wrong button or something.. but he didn't. He just put on the earphones and played with the yolk. He was yelling "MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! We are crashing!! AGGGGHHHHH" Which obviously freaked me out a little. Note: this is direct from a recent episode of Phineas and Ferb. I do not let him watch movies about crashing airplanes.

Then it was time for him to get in his real seat. He had to ride in the back during takeoff. Then he could get up front with his Daddy. I don't even have to tell you how excited he was, just look at the picture below.

Gaga had to explain some rules to him. Such as: remain seated, no screaming, keep your earphones on, etc.. He was an excellent passenger and listened the entire time.
Very, very serious.
Bye from mommy (Excuse the no-makeup face)
Seriously, could he be any cuter or happier?!??!?
My dad pulled some old maps and flight books out so Chaz could be part of the "crew"  He just ate it up. He had his map out and was telling everyone which way to go.
Ready to fly!! He was able to "be in charge" of the yolk. Note: dad has one as well so they were never out of control!
Random but did you want to know what Crystal Bridges looks like from above? Here you go!
and then he had to go back to the back for landing.. I probably don't need to mention that he was less than thrilled about this..... just check the below. According to my husband "He was pretty pissed off" Enough said.
But as soon as they landed the "Co-pilot" hat was bequeathed to him and he was a happy camper again.
He told his daddy that he wanted to go home so he could tell Gaga and Mommy about flying in the plane. And that he did. For the rest of the day. He was so proud of himself. The next day he wore his Co-pilot hat and airplane shirt to school and told all his friends about it.
I am pretty sure this is something he will continue to do with Papa and Daddy. AND maybe after Dane is born Mommy can join him.  Thank you for being a superb pilot, Papa!!

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