Saturday, August 13, 2011

More birthdays--Happy 3rd Sidney!!

Birthday party number two for the day! Somehow we were able to sneak a nap in between the two parties. Thank goodness because I am pretty sure it would have been disastrous if we didn't. The hardest thing to explain to Chaz was why he didn't get to have his birthday party right after Sidney's. Usually this isn't a big deal but his birthday party is less than 2 months away, he knows about it and it will be at Little Gym. I can understand where this could be very confusing..

Chaz loves Sid so getting to enjoy a party with this sweet girl was going to be nothin' but a good time. I cannot believe she is 3! It seems like we just celebrated 2 years with the infamous Dora cake.
And as an added bonus his cousin was there to enjoy the fun. No, Jackson is not pushing Chaz in this picture, it just looks that way. He was telling him to hurry up but he never touched him :) And as always, one of the favorite things at Little Gym is to launch yourself off the balance beam.
Baby Campbell was a little sleepy after the morning party.
Then it was the birthday girl's turn. She is obviously not 100% boy like the two above. She is quiet, shy and timid (as most girls at this age are) so convincing her to trust Uncle Ryan took a little coaxing.
But she did it!!
and more than once.. which is a BIG accomplishment. :)
Ryan quickly became the "toddler catcher"
Little Miss Sophia decided to rely on her momma and Lindsay. I can't say I blame the girl!
Fun times!!
and some daredevil stunts. (Love the blur.. because as you know, blur=fun!) These boys have zero.. I mean ZERO fear.
Sitting in the middle of the parachute for her birthday girl song!

This trip to Little Gym welcomed a new apparatus. Chaz was pumped when he saw the rings! He wasn't quite sure what to do with them but he knew he could swing and play with them and that is all he really cared about. As you can see there is no elegance to swinging from the rings..
We all know what happens when they lay down on the white line... (BTW, I love the faces in this picture)
Love the hair. Totally Beyonce. 
Gotta keep that hair in check. Love it!!
If you know my boy, you know he is a little on the ADD side like his dad. He is constantly moving and trying to find something else to do. You would think there wasn't enough to do at Little Gym when he came up with this wonderful plan. Squish two cousins into the foam circle, then convince the dads to push us around the gym..... all the while hoping mom doesn't put an end to the fun and make us partake in organized activities. Yep, that was pretty much his plan.  It was hilarious AND it worked.
Then, as usual, they squirt a dab of GermX in your hand and shuffle you off for cake. I think the kids were worn out and ready for it. I know Sidney was!! Who can blame her? What a cute cake!!
And the fam, complete with new baby Evan! Just 5 and a half days old! What a cutie!!
Happy birthday Sidney! We love you so very much! Thank you for letting us party with you on your very special day!

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