Monday, July 4, 2011

May randomness..

Here it goes.. some random yumminess!!

We begin with my BEAUTIFUL hydrangeas I received for mothers day. Love, love, love hydrangeas!! Thanks boys!
I think I have mentioned a time or two about how much we LOVE to be outdoors. I am afraid the heat of this summer may force us indoors most of this summer but if it is bearable, we will be outside. When he gets home from school, Chaz wastes no time getting outside. This day was sidewalk chalk.

No, he didn't write this.. He is smart but c'mon.

As soon as A.D.D boy (not diagnosed, I simply think he comes by it naturally.. Have you met his daddy??) was done with the sidewalk chalk he was onto his bike. Another summer favorite. Note: These are NOT the clothes he went to school in.. I'm not even 100% sure they are ours. Sometimes, I simply don't ask questions and instead insert "He is three" It makes me feel a little better.
Wanna see what happens when Daddy and Chaz get a hold of my camera? PHOTOSHOOT!! And yes, I guess a booty shot is necessary.

Unless you live under a rock you know the area that surrounds us was hit with massive storms the end of May, most notably Joplin. A few days after the Joplin tragedy we heard we were going to hit even worse. Thankfully this was not the case, but it had everyone very nervous and taking extra precautions. We were not the exception. Usually storms don't rattle me. I grew up in NWA and spent many a spring storm in the tub with a mattress over my head. But now that I am grown I just watch the news and take cover if absolutely necessary. Usually I don't do things like this but after seeing what happened in Joplin, we were taking this warning very serious. We cleared out the storage space under the stairs and made a safe place for us to go. We brought down the crib mattress from the attic, many pillows and blankets, a flashlight, some water bottles, ID, etc. I watched the weather like a hawk and had many a text with my dad, whom we call "The Doppler" as he is a weather nut. Good news, we didn't have to take shelter. But we were ready.
Chaz has started a "thing" of going to school in costume. I always said I wouldn't care what he wore, as long as we weren't heading to an event--wedding, family pictures, etc. I have held to that promise. AND I really don't care. It isn't that I am suppressing some desire to rip the costume off my little guy and put on some nice ironed khakis and a collared shirt. Nope, I'm ok with this. I actually think it is hilarious!

You never really know what will happen with Ryan is in charge. Some of the, here, here, here. I often joke that I am raising 2 with one on the way! This night was no different. As usual, I started the book reading, then Ryan came in for his turn and I was off to bed. I leave the monitor on in our bedroom because I love to listen to the boys banter during story time. It gets to be very funny. But this night was a little different. I heard the normal sounds of "We can't go over it. We can't go under it." and all the crazy rumpus of "Where the Wild Things Are" but soon there was zero noise.. nothing...nada..zilch... I had to go see what was going on. Had Chaz convinced his daddy to take him upstairs to watch TV? (not that THAT has even happened) Were they in the kitchen? Had they gone for a ride? NOPE. They were passed out. Both of them. Oh my!
Random picture sent from my hubby. Such a happy kiddo.Out. O.U.T. So much so that his little lip is tucked in and his teeth look a wee bit bucked. This is one of my "stellar" mommy moments. I am sad to admit that Chaz has been going through a "spit when he is mad phase." Honestly, I can handle almost any other temper tantrum but spitting, no. This evening we were going to go on an evening drive. The weather was beautiful and we had had a wonderful dinner so we decided to put the boy in his pjs, give him a milk and head out. I honestly can't remember what he wanted or what made him so mad to spit but I do remember he was arguing with me when I heard it..He spit. I looked at Ryan and (as my door was open and my foot was almost to the ground) I said "STOP the car! NOW!" I was ticked. I pulled the little monster out of his carseat and promptly placed in him the driveway. Yes, there is a time out anywhere -- Lowes, Costco, Tim's pizza, Target, Olive Garden, etc.. And yes, THIS is my stellar mom moment. I have to giggle at this picture, you know when it is over and done and you laugh at the fact your 3 year-old is in time out... in the driveway. Yes, if you need to giggle go ahead. I am glad the neighbors didn't come out because it was a ruckus. After his three minutes he said sorry, gave me a hug and we were on our way. Thanks Supernanny!We had the family over for dinner to celebrate Ryan's birthday. I was out grabbing some last minute things when I received this photo. Chaz had set the table for his cousins. How stinkin' cute is that?!?!
Ryan has been great at getting out of my hair and letting me get in bed early. This pregnancy is not as easy as the first, let me tell you! As much as I LOVE to be a part of every family activity, really I don't miss many, I simply don't have the energy after a full day of work. So the boys grabbed a few Razorback baseball games while momma got in bed around 7pm. AHHHHHH! They were sweet enough to send me some snap shots.

Rainy afternoons equal trips to Chuck-E-Cheese. Somehow you have to run the energy out of these little munchkins. Izzy was the smart one and decided to meet us after work. We let the boys go nuts for a few hours and bedtime was much, much easier. Good plan, Iz!
I will say.. Considering we have a brand spankin' new Chuck E Cheese, you would think the automatic picture machine on the ChuckE ride would have been upgraded.. Nope, still a mess. And THIS is how we shop.

T: "Hey honey, this is cool. Maybe you and dad can make me a few of these planter boxes for the back porch."
R: "Ok, hold it and stand still"
Note: this is as far as this project has made it. The picture to my blog. Fail.
Another Razorback baseball game. Unfortunately, Chaz got a hold of a stamp when his daddy wasn't looking. The placement is 100% him. Awesome.
Dinner with the Schmidts. Yes, portable DVD players are a must, usually we bring two. You know, to avoid fighting amongst the boys. Chaz decided to add in a play phone which in turn made him look like a telemarketer. He didn't appreciate all the grown-ups laughing at him.
until we told him he was cute... then he was all about the photo op.

Chaz loves to paint. I wasn't aware I had a Picasso on my hands. Look at this painting. Amazing! Yes, he insisted on painting in his skives.
This was my Facebook post caption "Daddy has been placed in the spaceship (Aka all the livingroom pillows and blankets) and is ready for countdown. BUT not before a quick review of the spaceship rules."
One morning I got in my car to go to work, I look down and see this. Remember this thing?? I just had to go back inside and ask Chaz about it. His response...."Well Momma, I put it in your car in case any aliens get in your way, you can shoot them" Gee thanks buddy! I am glad I have you around!I wish I would have put these pictures in this blog post but I just discovered them on my phone. Anyways, this is how the sweet lady (not the one that told us they were not responsible for our children) kept Chaz occupied while we got the ultrasound to tell us the baby is a boy. I will keep these pictures forever. It will likely go in Dane's baby book.
So, if you know me you know I am fairly laid back when it comes to germs. I haven't always been this way. My mom and I still laugh at how dry our hands were after Chaz was born---lots of washing and hand sanitizer. However, nowadays I am far less uptight about it. We have a 5 second rule, that often extends past that time frame depending on how fast I am moving, for food that hits the ground. Many times I just brush something off and call it good. Bathrooms still freak me out but I am getting a little better. But this, THIS is my fear. GERMLAND! If you don't recognized it this is the play land in the mall with the giant plastic structures. It really freaks me out.. BUT it is 100 degrees outside So, I gave in. And he loved it. My mornings are always different. This morning my facebook post said.. "Why wouldn't you put the HiHo CherryOs in the candleholder....naked??" I got a few comments, most of which were impressed that he separated them out by color and a few tapped into the fact that he probably comes by his nakedness naturally (from his daddy.. not me)
This is a classic Chaz picture I took while making Ryan's birthday videos. He is such a ham. He did this and said "Momma, take a picture of me doing this." Ok, sure.
Just an evening of kickin' it on the couch. My kiddo was in a great mood and was happy to smile for me.
Then he quickly turned into the silly guy.

C: "Momma, will this hurt?"
T: "Ehhh, probably not."
C: "Ok, I'm gonna do it and you take a picture"
T: "Ok, sure, why not!"
C: "Momma, look. It doesn't hurt" In his I-have-a-chip-clip-stuck-on-my-tongue voice.
Chaz loves to sing.. First up "Jesus loves me"

C: "Jesus loves me. The fival tells me to"
"Little ones to him belong. They are presh but he is strong"
"Yes, Jesus loves me. The fival tells me to"

"That's all it daddy"

"Jesus loves the little children"
Next up "Three little monkeys" I kinda caught this one in the middle

C: "Teasin' mister alligator can't catch me"
"Along came mister alligator quite as can be"
"And SNAPPED that monkey right out the tree"

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