Friday, May 27, 2011


I love the park. I love every second of running around, exploring, flying down the slides and climbing the monkey bars. Oh, and if you add in a 3 year-old it is even more enjoyable.

Ryan and Chaz found this awesome park (yes, it is within a residential neighborhood and yes, there is a sign that does not really "invite us in" but who could turn this cutie away?!?!)
This guy? Now he may just get us kicked out!But this guy? Never..
See, I told you it was super cool. It even has this awesome rock that Chaz was able to climb by himself. **Warning** Do not try to help this little guy. He will quickly inform you that he is old and can do it himself!
Chaz wasn't tall enough to simulatienously reach the hand and foot pieces of this odd contraption. So, he opted to go for a belly ride on the the foot part.
And Daddy was nice enough to offer a spin while checking his Facebook. Multitasking is not usually his forte.
R: "Come on buddy. Just jump. I promise I will catch you!"
C: "No you wouldn't. I will fall and hurt me."
R: "Buddy, Daddy would never let you fall. I promise"
C: "Promise?"
R: "Promise!"

C: "Ok!"
Successful little trip to the park, if I do say so myself!

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