Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Five? Really???

I really can't believe my eyes. My sweet little niece is five..FIVE! I mean for real, it is just insane to me. She is absolutely beautiful and very well behaved. She is an excellent helper when it comes to her little brothers and little cousins (she is the oldest in NWA) It feels like I just wrote this but no.. that was a year ago. She is FIVE!! Oh my!Just like last year and the year before we went to Little Gym for Anna's birthday. I tell you these people I have this thing down to a science. They shuffle us in, play like crazy to make the kids tired, feed some cake and ice cream and then shuffle us out. GENIUS! This is one of those "Why the heck didn't I think of that??" moments. Oh well, I love this place!

Some of the little ones didn't quite listen at the beginning. I am afraid this will be the story for years to come with these two. Heaven help me!

All the kiddos took a turn on the balance beam. I was quite impressed with their skills.
Then it was time to "smack the cake." I think I have memorized the routine here and could probably do it with my eyes closed. But I (as well as the kiddos) love every minute of it. I am still amazed how they can get 30ish 2-5 year-olds to line up on a wall and wait there turn. Talent!
and then "SMACK THE CAKE!" My brother-in-law always gets in the action. It is a good time for all!

We put baby Campbell in a confined circle so she wouldn't get "smacked by the cake" she was happy as a clam!

Ben has recently started this silly face. I did my guesses --fishing? robot? Buzz Lightyear? --He told me no on everyone.. I guess we will have to wait until he tell us what this nonsense is.

Chaz found the foot-hand-hand-foot pattern that teaches a cartwheel. I, of course, had to step in and show him what that was all about. I was in gymnastics for so many years, I think that is why I love this place!
And one of my favorite parts.. Hide and seek. I love this because you have to remember you are dealing with 2-5 year-olds. They aren't the best hiders. Most kids under 3 have the philosophy "if I can't see you, you can't see me" Notice Ben in the bottom left picture. Brilliant! The right side is a bunch of boys (mine is in the middle) who decided to get behind a mat and lean it up against the wall... pretty good one!

Anna and some friends ducked down in the circle (note Ben, at the top, in his famous position) and Jackson got behind another mat. He squished his face in the crack so he could see who was coming.
Then it was time for the big-blowup-jumpy thing. Probably my favorite part.

What are the weirdo dads doing??
Well the chicken dance, of course! Why wouldn't they join in with the kiddos??
And then it was time for cake.

or cheesy poofs if you are too young for cake and ice cream.
After the madness and fun of Little Gym we retreated to Anna's house so she could open her presents and the kiddos could play some more. She got baby doll beds from Mah and Dah. The boys were very excited about these cute little beds. If it doesn't have Toy Story, Phineas and Ferb, Jake and the Netherland Pirates, trucks, ninjas, trains or robots I simply can't relate.
They quickly turned back into boys when they found the trucks. HA!
And Anna was over the moon to get "Silverlicious" from Chaz. Again, I can't quite relate to this little girl stuff. Maybe one day. Happy birthday sweet little girl. You are absolutely adorable and ever so sweet. We love you so much and can't wait for the many years to come!! You are our sweet little Anna Banana!

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