Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas party # 112..

Not really #112 but if your holiday season is as packed as ours you understand my feelings. Although I love all my friends and family I need a nap.....a long nap!! But before I get my nap I have a LOT of bloging to do!
My side of the family has a Christmas party every year. We gather at my Aunt's house and eat, drink, be merry and play the Dirty Santa game. The majority of the pictures are usually of the kids, shocker!

"Hey mom, can I have more candy??"

or how about marshmallows??

Did I mention there were 2 more 2-3ish year-olds opening the same amount of candy and goodies? Sugar high is on its way!!Mom shamelessly used her grandson to steal a present. Yes, it is part of the game but still...shameless :)Gaga and Chaz

Sarah... did I mention we were entering sugar high??
I almost went home with this awesome snowman... but no :(
Sid enjoying her cupcake. She kept making the cutest faces so I snapped a few pictures as she was eating..
judging but the cut of the eyes in this one I don't think she was fond of my paparazzi moment!
and then the all time sugar high hit.. We were almost ready to go and had the kiddos in their pjs when out of nowhere the high hit. It started with Chaz and Sid playing "spaceship" aka blanket over them in a chair.. Chaz would explain how they were going to the moon or mars. Sid was classic monkey see-monkey do. It was adorable BUT I honestly thought it would be about 2 minutes of play and we would go home so I didn't get any pictures.. and then it REALLY hit! Complete with dog pile on Kelsey and bubble wrap blanket.. why not?Chaz decided to "play" nighttime. Sidney was very sweet and mother like. She gave him a blanket and a bubble wrap pillow. So sweet!! Chaz was fake snoring which Sid thought was HILARIOUS!!
Surfing on Kelsey. HA!Dog pile on Alexis (or dog pilot as Chaz says)
Then all of the sudden Sidney jumped up and said "I'm tired. I'm ready to go to bed" And that was all she wrote.

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  1. Lovin' all the Christmas pictures! I will get mine up... someday... :)