Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy birthday Gaga!!

So when we decided to go to Bentonville for my mom's birthday I am not sure she was expecting this. We tricked her a bit in taking her to J.J.'s for lunch. Well now that I think about it Dad payed for lunch so I guess we just went to J.J.'s for her birthday, we didn't really take her to lunch. Man, I suck. Anyways, I did bring her FAVORITE little man to see her AND spend the night (along with us) for her birthday what I didn't tell he was I needed to make a couple bazillion cookies and brownies for a bake sale at work the next Monday. Oh well, she had a great time baking with us. After all it IS her favorite thing to do. HA!!
Chaz was waking up for his nap and as soon as he saw we were about to start baking he jumped up and literally said "Not without me! Don't start without me!!!" Ok. We tried our best to give him tasks that he could do himself. He is a little independent right now. So rather than fighting it.... He was in charge of the butter!
And sifting......
and some mixing.....
and slowing the mixer down (as directed by Gaga)
and rolling the cookies (or at least making a darn good effort!)
and supervising Gaga putting the cookies into the oven.....and ensuring that Kyle was far enough back from the oven NOT to get burned. He was very, very stern about this..note the hand on Kyle's backNow, I know it looks like we need to call the child labor police but although he did an amazing job.. Mom and I finished off the next 1/2 bazillion cookies and 1/4 bazillion brownies. He was so wonderful when he was cooking. He wanted to be involved in every step but never got frustrated (which is amazing at this age!) BUT once he ate his weight in cookie dough (don't judge) he was running crazy throughout the house. My dad had a grin from ear to ear, it really was hilarious to watch this little guy, who never has sugar, bounce off the walls.....literally!!!
And then after MANY hours of insanity it was time for dinner and homemade chocolate pie (from my Aunt Sandra--mom said it was probably the best one she had ever eaten!) Note: the little guy only got a small, very small taste.
He was super excited to sing Gaga "Happy Birthday"
and help her blow out her candles..
Happy birthday to you, Momma! We love you to the moon and back! Our lives would not be near as fun or exciting without you. Chaz is so lucky to have super Gaga like you. We are blessed!!

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