Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Friend-cousin" Logan's birthday

Chaz has started calling two of his friends "friend-cousins." It is a combo word he came up with himself. I think it stems from all of the kids he hangs out with actually being his cousins. So when he calls Fletcher his cousin I tend to correct him. I don't know why I do this because I could really care less if he calls Fletch his cousin. Anyways, I guess I have corrected him enough that he decided to coin his own term..."friend-cousin." There are only two such people (for now) in this world..Fletcher and Logan.
At the beginning of November it was time to celebrate Chaz's "friend-cousin" Logan's birthday. We were oh so lucky that the BRAND NEW Chuck-E-Cheese was open in Fayetteville. The old one had been in the same location and had many of the same games since I was a kid... Yes, that is a while back. The new location was CLEAN and had new games. Even I was excited about this trip! Within moments of spotting the giant tube hanging from the ceiling Chaz was up in it. He thinks he is SO funny when he peaks out the portholes.
Then it was time for an old fashion air hockey game. First up Daddy vs. Chaz--Daddy was getting taken down when.........
Logan stepped in to take the lead.......
Good thing because Chaz was over this game before it even began...He thought it was funny to put his disk on the puck and stop it.. and just sit there holding the puck for ransom.
and then... the dreaded moment of ALL Chuck-E-Cheese visits... Chaz saw ChuckE. Now, please note, we would have been fine and dandy if Ryan would have just let him view him from a far. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he just had to take him over to ChuckE. So as soon as Ryan put Chaz down he was up in the tunnel. Peaking out with this pathetic face. I kept asking him to come down and he would say "No Momma, I see ChuckE" For the record, I blame this on Ryan.
In true Ryan form he tried to redeem himself by being funny. Chaz didn't want to get on the ChuckE train (I don't know why *wink*) and we had already put the token in the slot. So up jumped Ryan. I swear one day we are going to get kicked out of this place.
and THIS is the picture it took. Oh my!We got Chaz back up there for this (terrible!) picture. Who is that ghost?? Note to ChuckE: Please adjust the setting on your camera. This is ridiculous!
and back up to the tunnel. The front of it looks like a train, very cool!I swear we are going to get kicked out....
Little Emily playing on the little slide. Isn't she adorable?!? I wonder when she will graduate to "friend-cousin" status. Right now she is just "Emily"
Once we got over the ChuckE meltdown/hideout Chaz was ready to play again so we were off to the monster truck.
And then right next to the monster truck was this "hamster wheel" You literally ran in a circle like a hamster. I thought it was just ridiculous but Ryan wanted to try. AND whatever Ryan wants to try, Chaz is just steps behind him. So both boys inserted a token and climbed in the giant hamster wheel. Oh my! People we watching (and laughing) the entire time. There were a couple of our friends who were not there for the birthday party who came over to see the insanity.
I actually had to put the camera down and rescue the kiddo after this shot--notice where Chaz is in this picture. HA!
Did I mention the games are SO much better. They actually have games for the little ones that they can actually play themselves. I love this new place!!
Logan getting ready for his birthday cake.
Chaz got to take this balloon home. It has lived in our car, house, bedroom, Chaz's room, kitchen, etc for a month.....and counting. This picture makes me laugh. It is suppose to be Logan, Chaz and Blake smiling for the camera.. Instead I got this.... The worst possible picture because I placed myself in the worst possible location.. but it still makes me giggle. Blake and Ryan became fast friends.
Emily in her brother's birthday hat. He refused to wear it but she was all about it!
Blurry but still cute.
It was getting close to nap time so needless to say the boy's attitude started to deteriorate. I tried to get a picture with him but due to his lack of cooperation we got this Hallmark worthy shot.
We had a wonderful time but it was time to head out for nap time. I think all kids agreed. Chaz was out before we were out of the parking lot!

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