Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bikes, Blues, Babies and BBQ

So as many of you know (if you don't you either don't live anywhere close to here or you live under a rock) every year at the end of September/beginning of October we have hundreds of thousands of motorcycles roll into NWA for the annual Bikes Blues and BBQ rally. Back in college this meant you would basically live on Dickson Street from Wednesday afternoon to LATE Saturday night.. now it means that we drive down Dickson every night with the windows down, chaz's hair spiked and sunglasses on so he can yell "MO-cycle! hello MO-cycle!" We did this Wednesday and Thursday nights and he had a blast.. we never even had to leave the car. The plan was to actually park and walk around after work on Friday night. So Ryan and I both planned to get out of work on time, pick up the kiddo and head on down to Dickson.. Did that happen?? NO Why you may ask?

Well let me tell you what this little guy did.. well let me back up a bit. Chaz has had a pretty nasty cough for about a month. We have been to the doctor twice.. one time we walked away with medicine, the second time we walked away with a "recovering" bill of health.. We have been up every night for a month with Chaz basically like we have a newborn.. WOW shell shock! I had to tell you that story in order to tell you this fantastic one.. So we had everything planned to go to see the motorcycles around 530.. well around 1pm i get a call from a number i didn't recognize on my cell, i was in a meeting so i ignored it...I then got a call from ryan, ignore... Then i get a text... "Chaz said his head hurt and then threw up on the floor" Needless to say i flew out of my meeting in order to call Ryan.. He said he was headed to get him within the hour and would call me.. I didn't hear anything until 330! Why you ask? Well when Ryan picked him up at school he smiled real big and said "MO-cycle Daddy! Go see MO-cycle" Seriously? Did my kid just learn how to play hookie? About an hour later I headed home to check him out myself 1) the mommy guilt of ignoring daycare was unbearable 2) i couldn't believe that he would have thrown up and then be fine..... Sure enough, he was fine. He still had a cough but that was to be expected.. So like bad parent, instead of keeping him home, we headed out as planned at 530 to see MO-cycles... Kid-1, Parents-0

Spike the hair, put on the cool shirt, sunglasses and boots --out the door!

Showing me his new green rainboots.. ryan said they were girly, i think they are cool and Chaz loves them Daddy-0, Mommy/chaz-1

My cool dudes

We headed down to Railhead salon to see Christy and Shawn.. Chaz wanted to sit at the big table and eat his treats.. why not? he has cool hair so he can hang at the big table..

I wish he was looking at the camera (never, never happens when i want) but at least you can see his cool shirt and green boots (cute huh?)

Again to the obsession with lining thing up.. There were a ton of empty chairs around us so we let him play while we talked with our friends.. what does he do? he starts lining up the chairs.. and he had a blast doing it..

well we had to bail before it got dark and before dinnertime.. as we were leaving chaz bolted under a clothing rack.. good thing for those green boots.. hee..hee!

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