Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer fun at Mapa and Papa's!

So far this summer has been great. Just look at the smile on Chaz's face (he just learned to do this on command)

One of chaz's favorite things to do is play golf.. he has a set at our house, papa and mapa's and in the car.

I took chaz to mom and dad's for an overnight babysitting and low and behold they had bought him his first "4 wheeler" He loved it!!! He understands to put his feet up, push the button and go. what he doesn't understand is how to turn. we have to chase after him and grab the bar to turn him so he doesn't wreck. Dad and I are getting a great workout.

and what does chaz LOVE to do at his grandparents house? SWIM! I love the look he had below.. it is like "mom why did you put me in daddy's swim trunks??" I promise i bought the right size they just make boy's pants SO long these days!
he wasn't terribly interested in swimming around the pool with daddy but instead he loved to sit on the top step.
he did a little bit of swimming. He still doesn't have enough weight in his bottom to keep him from being a bit top heavy. his head tends to dip into the water.
he loved to sit ont he step, then he would fill his bucket with water, get out of the pool and water the plants. By the time he got to the plants the bucket had little in it but it was so fun to watch!

We cleaned him up, put him in warm clothes and then daddy entered the picture. As you can see the fun began and the clothes didn't stay dry.

and sooner than later he ended up in the pool in his clothes. I swear he drank half the pool out of the bucket!
Notice the "junk in the trunk" regular diapers do not do well in the water (obviously this was not the plan)

and like most kids it was only a few minutes before he was naked as a jaybird. Still watering the plants.
he wanted to eat a snack and would not settle until meme was sitting at the table with him. Too cute!


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