Monday, May 25, 2009

Dye a kid...

So one evening we invited marcy, cam and jackson over for dinner and some easter egg painting. I would like to point out the crazy green hands of my child. Are you kidding me?? First why in the world is my kid the only one who can manage to dye his entire body and second why am i not smart enough to plan this a few days before easter instead of easter eve. Yes, his hand was tinted green the next day, that goodness it isn't terribly noticable in the pictures.
Chaz also decided it would be fun to lick the eggs once they were painted.. well if we all remember back to childhood you put vinegar in the mix with the dye, hence the face.

All of the sudden chaz realized he was covered in dye. He didn't like that it was on his foot, leg, diaper, etc...

and let's all take note at how clean jackson it. his hand was a little dyed but he chose the orange and yellow dyes. NOT dark green and blue like my little easter egg.

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