Saturday, October 13, 2018

The baby is SEVEN... SEVEN.. // Dane Austin // 10.2018

I simply cannot believe you are seven. How in the world are you already seven?!?! You came into this world the same way you have lived it for seven years... by your own rules. I tried to do it my way with inducing but you had your own plans. You were stubborn. You were strong. You fought. You did it, your way.

And even though it was a LOOOOOONG day, it was worth all the pain, tears, fear, etc. You were perfect.
We didn't know how much we all needed you but we sure did. We were complete with Chaz. We didn't think we had enough room in our hearts to love another baby as much as we loved your brother... but we did! After a very sad period in our lives, God gave us you! And boy did he know what he was doing when he did.
 And guess who was probably the most smitten with you... yep, the boy YOU made a big brother. You did that and he couldn't be more proud to wear that title. He has always loved you so much... and didn't start fighting with you until you were at least 18mths old😂
 He has always been very helpful.. even trying to teach you how to smile. He was super proud of this and was always certain the pictures would turn out perfect. Needless to say, I have a bajillion pictures that look like this one and they crack me up every time. These will resurface at your wedding. Trust me.
 You have a crazy strong personality. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it tests me. BUT overall, you are a pretty darn happy kiddo, always have been.
 And you sure know how to make a picture... with a little help from your dad. *note: this was the period of time where you refused to go without a hat and sometimes wore one, two, three or even four at a time.
 Yep, you can MAKE a picture. Solid, kid.
When you were little you developed a British accent from watching a little too much Peppa Pig.. and you will always be our cheeky rascal.
I am not quite sure where this crooked smile came from or started but I love it. It is 100% you and shows in SO many pictures. 
And you certainly have all the "moobs"  This is one of my favorite videos ever!
You love your pup and give her more snuggles than anyone else! She loves you too!
There is that smile.. and eye.. everything about this makes me happy! You are so YOU and I love every bit of it!
You have always been very active, even in my belly, but we didn't start you on organized sports very early. Let's just say we were a little worried how your "headstrong" personality would play out. You love baseball! And football! And basketball! Really anything that keeps you moving is right up your alley.
And that smile. *note: you don't have a silver tooth like your brother, it is just a bubble 😁 
 Did I mention you are silly?!? You are seriously the funniest kid ever. You always keep me on my toes and giggling along the way!
 You aren't the big sleeper like your brother but when you sleep you look like and angel. Those lashes get me every time!!
 Net of it is, you make me happy kid!
Even if you are goofy as can be!!
 Fun and certainly our GREAT Dane!
 And your laugh is incredible.
 You are one in a million, kid! I am do happy that God chose to give you to us. You may be a challenge at times but I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you for being the finishing piece to our little crazy family!!
We love you to the moon and back! Keep being you kid! You are funny, sweet, crazy, spunky, challenging, friendly, loyal, smart, kind, adorable, opinionated, precious and AMAZING! Just keep being your awesome little tiny self! You are going to do amazing things with your life! I can't wait to see what all you do! 

Birthday quiz: 
Age: 7
Height: 3' 8"
Weight: 45lbs
Favorite color: Green
Favorite toy: Nerf guns
Favorite food: Gusanos Pizza
Favorite snack: Cool Ranch Doritos
Favorite drink: Milk
Favorite TV Show: The Loud House
Favorite movie:  The Meg (Yeah, the shark movie. Mom of the year, y'all!)
Favorite animal: Monkey
Favorite song: Flossing song
Favorite sports team: Cubs
Favorite thing to do outside: Nerf War
What makes you happy: Mommy's hugs
What makes you sad:  Getting in trouble
Who is your best friend: The Jacks (Simmons and Johnson)
One thing about your dad: He Stinks (😂)
One thing about your mom: She gives good hugs
One thing about your bro: Good baseball player
One thing about your family: Funny
Somewhere you want to travel: Chicago 
Someone you admire: Papa
What do you want to be when you grow up: Artist

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