Friday, October 13, 2017

My baby is SIX! // Dane // 10.2017

Oh mercy, this kid. God certainly knew what he was doing when he gave us this kiddo. He knew we needed a huge dose of happiness during the saddest point in our lives. He knew we were going to need someone who would keep us young and always on our toes. He knew I was meant to be a #boymom. He knew Chaz needed a brother. He knew we needed DANE!

Dane has certainly not disappointed on any of those points. He is sweet. He is spunky. He is kind. He is HILARIOUS! He loves for me to hold him any chance he gets. He is tiny so I am still able to hold and carry him pretty easily and I will for as long as I am able and he asks.
This kid has SO much personality. He is always on. Always. He has so much energy it is hard to keep up. Thank goodness for his older brother. He is so silly and always giggling. That giggle can make anyone get the contagious laughs. At the same time he is silly, he is super spunky. He has always made the best faces and I love coming across them in pictures. He is just so expressive.
This day. Oh this day. I should have known a few weeks back when they had to turn him because he was breach that this kid was going to give me a run for my money. Nothing is easy with this kid. Nothing. I was sick the majority of my pregnancy, morning sickness for seven months is no joke. Then that whole turning thing, that was a trip and quite possibly the scariest and most painful thing I have ever been through. For reals, I have birthed two kids and that was just a different kind of pain. And then we decided to be induced. I REALLY should have known that we should have just let him do it his way. Dane tends to always do things his way. But no, I wanted him out. It was such a long day but in the end we got this little bundle of awesomeness. What is not in that story of his day is that we had no idea his cord was wrapped when he came out until the next day. I was so exhausted and out of it, I didn't notice that the hubs didn't cut the cord. He mentioned something about it later that evening and I decided to ask my doc the next day. She kinda gave me a look and said "Yep, the cord was around his neck and it needed to be handled... quickly. So I took care of it" I praise Dr Birch for everything she has done for us during both my pregnancies.. but this. Whew. Thank God for her.
 And his brother couldn't have been more proud of his little brother. HIS little brother. He wanted to hold, kiss on him and show him off! And he insisted Dane came out "a door" Yep, a door.
 The next few months, as with everyone, is a total blur. I do remember having a TON more energy than I did when I had Chaz. Probably because I had to have more. I had a 4 year-old and this crazypants to take care of. I quickly learned he was nothing like his brother -- except they look identical-- other than that, totally opposite. Case and point, sleeping habits. This one did not decide to get the memo. Chaz was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, not this guy. He took two and half years. Yes, you read that correctly. But damn he was/is cute. I said that a lot. "Thank God you are cute" As I was up all.the.time. I will say, we did bond pretty intensely. I believe the reason he still loves for me to hold him so much is because we bonded so well in the beginning. Oh well, who really needs sleep, right?
 And his brother loved to help with him. He especially loved to help him smile in pictures. These always make me laugh so hard. I really think Chaz thought this made Dane look normal. BAHAHA!
 And then he was one. A sweet little fuzzy headed one. He was already the life of the party. He never met a stranger but didn't stay still long enough for a hug!
 His brother still loves on him all the time. Chaz seriously was not jealous of Dane (until much, much later) He just loved on him so much!
 And I mean, how could you not!
 And he was/is such a happy baby! Always making faces, which has continued through the years. And his giggle and laugh are the best!
 And then he was two. He loved everything cars, trucks and trains! He was still on the move and not slowing down for anybody! His hair was so blond that it was difficult to cut so he always had crazy fly aways that nobody saw until we were in the sunlight.
 And he wanted to be just like his brother. Can you tell which cowboy is which?
  **top is chaz, bottom is dane**

And he was ALWAYS under, or in this case on, my feet. He has been walking since he was 10 months old (just like his brother.. to the exactly day.)  but he has been MUCH more needy of a kiddo. Look at that face, how could I say no?!?
 He developed this cheeky grin. Eyes were usually closed and the grin was in full form. It was so darn cute with those cheeks and that wrinkly nose.
 He is certainly our daredevil. He will pretty much do anything you ask him to. This, obviously, makes a Momma's heart skip a beat a little.
And then he was three. Oh three. I have said it once and I will say it again, I will do two all day long if I never have to do three again. Three is hard, y'all! Insert that "Thank God you are cute" quote again!

This is when his love for Superheros grew strong.. and by love I mean infatuation!! He actually wore a costume for 17 days straight. I was staying up at night to wash a superhero costume so it was clean and dry by the time he woke up. I actually had friends calling, texting and FBing to find out the status of my costume kiddo in the morning. HA!
 And remember that cheeky grin, oh it only got better. Insert his awesome personality and let it shine!!!
 And then he found his best friend. These two. I mean, you know, that vicious pit we have #eyeroll. Well, they have a great bond and she gives him more love and kisses than I can even imagine!
 And he took the Superheros everywhere. And I seriously mean everywhere. So much so that they made a cameo in our family pictures this spring. He wasn't giving them up and they were such a part of him, we just let it happen. He actually used to take them everywhere. He would carry a backpack, or two, to the ball fields, to birthday parties, to dinner, on vacation, to the park, literally any and every where!
And then he was four. All the sudden I blinked and he looked more like a boy than a baby. I still refer to him as the baby (Chaz is called "The boy")

He started his love for hats around this age. He is known to wear 1, 3 or even 4 hats at once and always has one on. He was still such a happy kiddo but we also started to see him when he would have a "mood" and watch out when the happy kid was cranky because wow, just wow. 
 He started this too. "Hey mom, want to see me pop my eyebrows?" and I would see this. Hilarious. This kid is just hilarious.
 That cheeky grin changed from full eyes closed to this one-eyed Popeye kind of thing. I love it! He would literally do the "wink smile"
 and remember, family photo shoots are no time to be normal. Or maybe it is because this is his normal and I love every bit of it!
So back to the Superheros. This is probably one of my favorite stories because it shows his personality SO much. One morning he was hollering for me as I was back in my room and I round the corner to see this. "Mom, they tied me up. For real, my mens tied me up!"
 And then he was five. How did this happen? Who let this happen? Wasn't he just born?
 He loves the Razorbacks and the Cubs but still can't understand how they will never play each other. We are working on that one 😁
 He will still take any and every opportunity to be the silly one. I often hear "Hey mom, look at this!"
 And he is just simply beautiful. He is such a beautiful child.
He loves sports and just being a rough boy. He plays baseball and football but loves football more because he "forgets" it is just flag football and he isn't suppose to tackle.
He graduated PreK and headed to kindergarten this year. He quickly became a little more shy than before but is doing great in school and making some new friends.
He has permagrin all the time. He has his days but for the most part is genuinely happy. When he has said days, don't try to reason with him, it is like talking to a wall. He will never wave the white flag. Just walk away. It is for your own good.

He sleeps in bed with his brother and has for years. I am not sure how or why this started but I think it is sweet. One day Chaz will kick him out so for now we will just enjoy it. 

We love you so much, sweet boy! Thank you for completing our family. We really couldn't imagine life without you. You bring so much laughter in this house, you are just like your daddy! You make Momma's heart so happy and your hugs are unmatched. You are a good little brother, even if you and your brother argue 85% of the time (I'm hoping it is a phase) You are so spunky, funny and kind. Please always be you. YOU are something amazing. I can't wait to see what you accomplish in this life. You will do great things!  Happy birthday, Dane Hill!
And for the birthday quiz! This is all him, no assisting.

Age: 6
Height: 3' 8"
Weight: 40lbs
Favorite color: Neon Yellow
Favorite toy: Legos and mens
Favorite food: Cheese
Favorite snack: Cheese Its
Favorite drink: Green Drink (V8 Caribbean green)
Favorite TV Show: Teen Titians Go
Favorite movie: Voltron
Favorite animal: Monkey
Favorite song: See you again - Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa
Favorite sports team: Cubs and Razorbacks and Broncos (Flag football team ONLY!)
Favorite thing to do outside: Play Nerf guns
What makes you happy: Friends
What makes you sad: Mean people
Who is your best friend: Jack Johnson
One thing about your dad: Silly
One thing about your mom: Happy
One thing about your bro: Tricky
One thing about your family: I love my family
Somewhere you want to travel: High rise
Someone you admire: Daddy
What do you want to be when you grow up: Lifeguard


And I forgot to post Chaz's with his birthday post so please check back and scroll to the bottom. ENJOY!