Thursday, June 30, 2016

June // 2016

Starting with the funnies this month, enjoy!!

 I am going to need to remember this one this year. We just have to figure out how to keep Stone out of the trampoline. She LOVES the trampoline so I cannot imagine what she would do with water balloons AND a trampoline. Goofy dog!
 Many years in the industry. BAHAHA!
 I don't drink wine but this is super awesome!
 This one is for my BIL. If he were ever to lose a bet, I hope this would be the outcome. BAHAHA!
 You had one job.
 I fell like this is something that would or has happened in my life.
 This and were/we're. Screw you autocorrect.
 I love this. Love it.
 Just sayin'
 This was my phone one day. I am pretty sure if Egypt is calling, I don't need to answer.
 Yes, please
 Totally something I would say. I.don'
 Bless this man. Beautiful soul.
 I love this. Love your life, Live your life.
Onto the pictures but still some funniness. My dog thinks she is a parrot.
 Some days with dad are more fun than others.
 Neighborhood fun with the Naples kiddos. These girls just adore our little guy. They have been around since he was 4 months old so he is like their little guy.
 We had a Mommy/Dane day date one day and he decided he wanted to spend his gift card on this creepy thing.
 He made me hold it's hand while walking out of Target.
 Buckled him into a seat in the car.
 We played with some toys at lunch.
 It was a pretty fantastic day, even if his purchase was creepy.
 Oh and one last stop at Hobby Lobby where he just had to test out all the chairs.....and the creepy Captain America came in with us.
 We surprised our friend John by gathering for his birthday! These two are so good at surprises!!
 Some of the Stone Mountain ladies!
 My hydrangeas were beautiful!!
 We randomly happened to pass this aftermath of a house fire. The people here were so lucky to get out ok. Chaz just had to take a picture!
 So I am constantly telling my hubs how he basically squishes me to the point of me holding on to my side of the bed for dear life. I am fairly sure he is going to squish me off completely off one day. Well, he doesn't believe me. Ever. So, I give you exhibit A. You see him at the bottom of the shot? He is on my side!! The twin + space on the OTHER side of him, that is his side. Yep, I am right. Ugh.
 And some days I wake up to this face. He can squish me any day. *swoon*
 When your BFFs who are moving soon come to stay with you for a few days before moving, you spend every moment with them... sucking up all the friendshipness! Love these kiddos.
 And when kids spend the night at your house, you get a full on concert in the morning. Love these kids too!

And then it was onto my happy place.
 When Uncle Shane comes to visit, it is all smiles!!
 And then the hubs and I cleaned up to head to my 20th High School reunion. Yes, I am that old!
 A little dinner before! He ordered the beer he orders every time we go to Pesto Cafe.... and he hates it. Every.time.
 We made it and I got to hang out with my best friend growing up. We have reconnected as our children are the same age (went to daycare and then played a few season of baseball together) but it is always so great to see her!
 And the hubs even had a good time!
 Maybe... no really, he did! Just a funny photo opportunity!
 Look! The gang is all here! Well not everyone, we were missing a lot of our crew but this was a pretty good turn out. SUCH a fun night!!!
 Fun time reconnecting!!

 My dad took my cousin's outside cat when she moved and Dane is in love with him! Junior and him are so adorable together!
 And my sweet boy got a haircut. I love this one so much!!
 I can't even with their sweetness.
 AND, back to my happy place.
 The hubs decided to take Chaz and two of his buddies to Silver Dollar City. Yes, he is a little crazy but really he is just a big ol' kid!
 He sent me pictures from throughout the day. This is such a good one and a photobomb to boot.
 They ended up soaked!
 And I love this one!! All the boys look like they are going to vomit and my husband is laughing. Classic.
 Such a fun day. Such an awesome husband!
 And when the hubs has to text the mommas to tell them their offspring won't be home until after 10pm. BAHAHAHA! He is a horrible time manager and just loves to have fun! These guys had a blast!

 And the next morning, I think the hubs may have overdone it! BAHA!!!

 Snapchat filters are fun...especially when you get your 90 year-old grandmother to participate! She is just a doll!!
 Sometimes you just need a nap!
 We are so thankful for such good neighbors! Meaghan and Dave are always so welcoming to our crazy crew. Pool days are the best!!
 And Chaz, as usual, is the baby whisperer.
 Sweet girl!!
 Lil is my homegirl!
 I seriously can't explain my kid sometimes. 😊
 So much fun!
 Oh man, I love this kid!!
 Her facial expressions crack me up!!
 Love these boys!
 Pure joy!!

This is probably my favorite picture of the year! We went to SDC one day, totally tricked the little guy into riding this and snuck a picture of the results. #winningatparenting #hewaspissedatus
 Happy June, Y'all!!!

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