Friday, June 10, 2016

End of school/start of Summer party // 2016

End of school = start of summer. This equals a party in the neighborhood. Bring on the sun, water and giggles. We were happy for school to be over and to have a great afternoon!!

Waterslides are always a hit!
Kick up your heals and party!!!
Could she be any more precious?!?! I love me some Chloe!
I am not sure this is how it works, Turner! It isn't the lazy river!
Chaz got a letter from Lily. Such sweet friends.
All smiles!
Yes, grown up can sit in wagons and drink their adult bevs. No judging!
Love this FACE!!
Everyone was having such a great time!!
And sweet little Emerson! That hair. That face!
Why wouldn't the big kids get in the little kid blow up with sumo bumpers?!?!
Yes, we are blessed with cuties everywhere!!
And of course the baby lover flocks to them! Maybe he will be a teacher?!?
And this game went on for a good 20 minutes. Push him down and make her giggle. Loves them!
Everybody play!
Sweet little dude!
More fun. More sun!
Pay no attention to the color of the water. It is a mix of mud and water. Who cares, they are having fun!!
I love that Kale joined us! He and Chaz have been friends since daycare!
More babies! And mommas!

Sweet boy!
Just Jack!!
Just Brooke!
Pizza on a blanket!
Dane with his girlfriends!
Love this girl!
Get it girl!
I have no idea but I LOVE this!!
Who is ready for a water balloon fight?!?!
Clearly the kids AND the parents!
Action shot!
I love this one of my girl Sally nailing whomever is on the other side of this shot! Love it!!
This picture is 99% the hubs but I posted because check the bottom right corner. Jack's face is simply to.die.for!!
I love this! I love her!!
So much chaos. So much fun!
Nobody is safe!!
KSue was trying to get me!
And Jaelyn!
Trying to stay out of the danger zone??!?
Get 'em, girl!
Jack had some help getting his daddy!
Sweet Riley!
And then the kids attacked my biggest kid!
This is hands down one of my favorite parties of the year. It is easy, messy and SO much fun!!!

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