Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chloe's Birthday // 2016

Sometimes a sweet friend moves into your neighborhood and your boys fall in love with her and her sister.... and then they fall more in love when her when they are invited to her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.  Chloe is so special to us! We just love her to pieces!!

And the kiddos when crazy!! Jack and Dane were running left and right having so much fun!
These faces.. pure joy!!

This guy was all about the games!
And Chloe wanted to race! Adorable with her headband!
I mean, these two! I could not get over the giggles and permagrins!!
BAHAHA! Can you even?!?!
This. Just this. I love these two so much!!!
And then Lil wanted to race too! Adorableness!!
So serious!
And then it was time for Chuck E. Chloe couldn't get to him fast enough!
Jack was excited to give him a big high five. You would think this kid had been to Disney a few times.
I love this so much!
Little brother didn't want to do this without big brother. There are so many time where I am pretty sure they are never going to be friends but so many times when they are just preciousness.
Chloe's big sister was all smiles. We love this little one. Her and Chaz are buddies!
This grin. I can't even.
He decided he was brave enough to sit with his buddy!
And this is what you do at a girls bday part to make her laugh...You put on a pink cape and a tiara.
Then it was time for my favorite part... the ticket blaster!! The sisters decided to tackle it together!!
He really wanted to get in there but instead he was forced to just watch. He was fine and thought it was hilarious!!
I mean, how can you not think this is hilarious!!
After that the boys requested another round on the roller coaster.
And the water game is always a must!
Chloe really wanted to do it herself but she finally, reluctantly let Mr Ryan help her.
Such a fun afternoon. We love this family so much! Happy birthday, sweet Chloe! We can't wait to do more bdays with you!

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