Saturday, February 13, 2016

KSue's 3rd Bday // 2016

Another kiddo, another bday! KSue's bday was Ariel themed. She is very much into all the princesses. When your bday is in February and you LOVE to swim, your Momma figures out a way to make it happen. So we all headed to the Boys & Girl Club for an Ariel swimming party!

I am in LOVE with this cake. I remember these cakes when I was a girl. There was seriously nothing more amazing than a Barbie doll cake (just ask my Momma, she will tell you how much I loved these things!)
The cookies were adorably perfect as well! Swoon!
All the details!!
Even a fantastic photo opp prop! How precious is this!!?!?!
The kids love this place. The slide is awesome. AJ wasn't really having it but he was sweet enough to walk Dane up to the top every time and then he would walk back down to the bottom! It was hilarious!
This kiddo was pumped and SO in his element!
His big brother was not far behind. My kids are like fish.
KSue was having a ball hanging out with her Daddy.
Sweet Jaelyn!
The face of pure excitement! Love this!
These faces are amazing!
Oh yeah and my third kid. He always has to get in on the action.
I think Areta may have been the only brave Momma who got in the water!
Crazy kid!

My big and my little playing in the fountain.
Back to the slide!
Daddy and his girl!
He is always tossing kiddos. Why not! One day he is going to be too big for his dad to toss him. Good thing he currently weighs nothing!
This one was having a blast too!
If you toss your child, you must also toss your child's best friend. Those are the rules!

Pencil dive!
Sweet AJ!
I see grown up about to go down the big slide!
Yep, that is a grown-up. Well, grown-up may be a relative term in this situation...
That is one heck of a splash!
Such buddies!!!!!
Cannon ball!!
Happy birthday girl! Isn't she just a doll!?!?
I'm just saying.. this is the look of "Ummmmm, I am not so sure about this Dad!"
This face!
And there is the sweet momma! She is such the champ. She was actually on bed-rest but STILL pulled all of this together for her sweet little girl to have a fantastic birthday! #momgoals
Love this! Totally ready to pop!
Sweet girl!
This face. The love this momma has for her girl is amazing!
Silly girl!
Look at those eyes!!
This girl and her pops!
And KSue's sweet cousin!
Crazy dad time is not limited to just Chaz!
I actually love that I chopped off his head in this one, it makes me laugh out loud!!
And the buds headed back to the slide.
Dane did his best to try and convince AJ to go down the slide....
But in the end, it was a hard no.
Sweet Misti and the special guest!
And why wouldn't he want a picture with Ariel?!!?
She headed out to the madness to surprise the kiddos!
I'm pretty sure she was surprised! And look at the cute costume change, she is adorable!!
This girl! I loves her!
This is more typical. Hamming it up!
And then she wanted to check out the presents. Why wouldn't a girl want to check out her gifts!
Ariel took some special time with KSue to read her a special Little Mermaid book.
She loved every moment of it!!
And then Grace wanted to join in!
They just kept coming. So precious!
A girl and her Daddy, nothing sweeter!
Of course she sang! Why not!
These two were in their own little world!
I love these! I am not quite sure what just happened but the bliss on her face is priceless!
This one is great too! The plugged ears in the back. BAHAHA!
Yep, she sure is a princess!
Seriously, love her!!
And then it was time for the cake! Oh that cake!!!
I think she likes it!
This sweet family of (almost) 4 is so dear to my heart! I really love them all!
More present time!
And cake. What girl doesn't like cake? Well, I don't but I'm weird!
Poor girl..
Anyone know what she is doing??  Well, she is combing her hair with a fork, or a dinglehopper as Ariel would say!
Photo time! How cute is she?
Boys and a treasure box? YES!!
I love the glow of her dress in this one!
And the sweet princess in her shell! Such a cute idea!

Everyone need a picture with the princess! Precious!

Melt my heart!

She was so happy and had such a wonderful birthday party!!
And when we left, the boy wanted a picture with the pig. Not a picture with the princess, but with a pig. 
Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next year brings you!!!

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