Sunday, January 31, 2016

January // 2016

Here we go for January randomness!!

When the entire neighborhood is hoping to win the lottery, you pull a TV in the kitchen as not to interrupt the bowl games on the other TVs. The big boys were so excited. Little did they know, our chances of winning were pretty slim.
Not gonna happen kiddos!
Celebrating our dating anniversary with some amazing throwbacks!!
When munchkin wants to snuggle, he gets to snuggle!!
And then we are silly!
When the new neighbors move in and build a pool... subsequently destroying their side yard. I mean, it is their yard but what an eyesore. I'm glad we ended up liking them!!
Little redheaded buddies.
He may or may not have been trapped by the girls and ended up with painted nails.
One of the sweetest faces in the world.
January and colder weather often means puzzles for this crew.
And sometimes I get pictures from friends after the kids toilet paper the bathroom. Ugh.
My bunco babes. I love my tribe.
I'm not sure that is quite how it works! HAHA!
This kid is a riot! I literally turned around and saw this. HAHA!
And sometimes he curls up with me, makes adorable faces and tells me all about his day. #swoon

And a little bit of Risky Business.
I got to hang with this precious little dude!
These guys are best of buds. They are really like brothers.
All of them.
He is a mover!
But when he decides to sit still, he is super funny!
I LOVE the blur on this one. BAHAHA!
For the win!!!
Chaz is SO good with littles and he especially likes these two!
More puzzles! This one was a lot of fun!
Sometimes our fishing games don't go as planned.
And sometimes they ask me to take pictures of them being goofy and pretending to be stuck in their pants.
And sometimes I catch a glimpse of pure sweetness...
The get-along-gang. There is clearly trouble in the neighborhood.
Have I mentioned my LOVE for Saturday mornings?!?!?
I love the time we get to spend with my parents. The fact that they still get down on the floor and arm wrestle with my kiddos is priceless. I am not sure he lets him win but that is ok!
These neighborhood boys are a riot. I love that they play so well together. Turner and Chaz always lose their shirts. Muscles all the way!
He wasn't tired, he promised.
When your mom asks you to try something new, you make this face...
And then you make this face. No drama over here people. Nope, nothing to see.
I had to stand on my bed to get the full effect of why I struggle to get any sleep or to just feel safe enough to fall asleep for fear of getting straight kicked off my side of the bed. Things to note: husband sleeping sideways, baby at the foot of the bed, dog where husband's head should be, baby's Spiderman blanket in my spot (which means he was there at tome point during the night forcing me to move) Other general things that should probably also be noted since I am airing my grievances: not one but two laundry piles (I'm certain the basket is in the closet where it ALWAYS is) hubs shoes and hubs belt residing on the floor, not in the closet.  #ilovemylife #ilovemyboys #imtired
When you play in a bowl game, you get cool helmets.
Sleepovers at the neighbor's house result in more fun times and less shirts for kids.
Note the stack on tickets!! Not once...
but TWICE he hit the mega jackpot. He was in the zone.
This germ land jungle gym  is all the baby cared about.
And another jackpot!!
Best of buds. Good thing we aren't scared of these "vicious" animals. PUHleaz!
Brother teaching the baby Legos. Continuing the legacy.
I was out with the girlfriends one night and the hubs bought this slim/squishy bead/bath stuff. It was DISGUSTING!! I came home mid-bath to find this nonsense commencing. Ugh.
The pictures don't even do it justice. Nasty, just nasty!
The boy got a shiner. It didn't hurt but left a good mark.
This is after he told me "Um, so would I be in trouble if I told my teacher I got in a bar fight?? Because, I told Mrs Arnold that" OMG. We laughed for a good ten minutes. I'm so glad she has a great sense of humor!
Some nights are filled with rowdy games of Trouble. I LOVED this game as a kid. I am not as good as I remember. Chaz-4 Momma-0
My hubs is an AMAZING cook. Just sayin'
I love nights of editing pictures and finding the diamonds.
Time for the funny, sometimes crude and oh so much fun! Enjoy (or skip if you are zero fun and can't handle a little language or slap stick humor)

If you don't get it, google Steve Harvey Miss Universe. Trust me. This is funny as hell.
Again, keep up with the times. Making a Murderer.
Chaz came home from school one day and goes "Hey, I have a new favorite song. It is new, so you probably won't know it. It is about a tiger eye."  Ummmm, be prepared to be schooled little boy. This was your momma's high school fight song. He was flabbergasted.
Don't judge.
I have used this visual SO many times. Sometimes it is just NOTTODAAAY!
I love her. The little girl, of course. Ellen is pretty cool too.
So good. Just so good.
You know who you are.
I have considered this.. seriously.
It is a medical condition, not my fault.
Some days are worse than others.
Not everything is funny, some things are just awesome and speak to my OCD.
I love this. Fleek, hands down.
Yes! But please don't let my kids see this. They usually only get $2 (unless it was the first or it hurts them really REALLY bad)
Some people need to be smacked on the forehead in the middle of their stupid mistake! Dumbass.

One of my best friends growing up.. 11lbs 12ozs y'all!
Yeesssssssss!! I'm coming for you, hotstuff!!
Hilarious. Stop protesting everything, you look like an idiot.
Yes, yes they are. Especially if you are riding with Meaghan Johnson who is the Lyric Queen.
And that would just be tragic.!
Add clean sheets and the night is golden.
At least when I did this the baby was in a carseat. Skeeball games are legit.
The hubs is great about local news but celebrity news is not his forte.
Happy January, peeps!

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