Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jaelyn's birthday // 2016

She may be an entire full year older by the time this is posted but we will still celebrate!

Jaelyn is pure sweetness! We celebrated at one of our favorite places, ACD!!! It was pure chaos but oh so much fun!!
Crazy dude!
And this crazy mongoose! I have no idea how he has the energy he does!
Jack is cray cray.
And, as we usually do, we have to race. And this just proves that girls are AWESOME! Aven straight blasted everyone!!
That is Dane buried and upside down!
And then, everyone wants the hubs to toss them. One day they are going to be too big for this. I still think I should have him toss me one day!

Sophie first!
Turner (He may need to start working out for this guy! These kids just keep growing!)
Jack and Dane combo
Little Lil toss. She wasn't the biggest fan!
Chloe's turn!

Why wouldn't they try to stunt?!?!
And the boys, chillin'
And chattin'
I think they are warn out.. They were adorable. I caught them just hanging out and talking. Love these two!
Birthday girl!!
And then it hit the fan! Blue icing.. OMG.
I cannot be held responsible for this.
And this kid. He got the headshake-no from his pops. Way to listen, Hayes!
And then the full crew! Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture.
This one is pretty good, although we are missing a few.
And second wind.
I guess this is how you exit the building in style. HAHA!
Happy Birthday, Jaelyn! We hope you had a fantastic day!!

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