Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wright family Christmas // 2015

We gather every year to celebrate the Holiday season with the extended family. In the beginning it is all about the kiddos and then we put the kids downstairs to watch a movie and the adults enjoy games, drinks and lots and lots of laughs!!

Evan and Dane playing!
I love these four crazy kiddos! Even if they wouldn't take a good picture for me!
You can't say I didn't try!
I really did...but this is what I was working with! HAHAHA!!
My cousin and I decided a few years back, instead of toys, we would purchase books for the kiddos. I love this tradition!
Clearly the kiddos love it too!
He was so excited!
And yes, the brains of the families got the same book! HAHA!
The grandparents purchase a gift for each child so they get something to open. We figured this out the first year in when the adults were playing the White Elephant game, continuously opening gifts, and the kiddos had nothing. Oops!
They were both pretty pumped!
And this little lady! I mean.
Could she be any cuter?? No, just no.
And she is pretty hilarious too!
Chaz thinks he is part of the adult crew and loves to play 31 with his Gaga.
Such a fun night for all! Looking forward to 2016!!!

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